Off-Topic Fridays: Have You Ever Met a Celebrity?

It’s been a while since an OTF! No excuses, I’ve been lazy.

For whatever reason, I was cleaning the coffee machine and this question popped into my head.

My earliest memory of meeting a “celebrity” was as a child, meeting Matthew Kelly, who hosted a TV show called Stars In Their Eyes here in the UK… it was a rather cringeworthy singing contest in which people would impersonate showbiz stars. He was visiting my primary (elementary) school. Why? I have no idea, but I remember being really excited. :joy:

Later in life I met Bam Margera and some other members of the CKY crew outside a show which was cool because I was BIG into Jackass/Viva La Bam/etc.

So! Tell me, have you ever met a celebrity and who was it? Share your stories!


I don’t think I ever have, but when my brother was younger he met William Shatner. Just checked out his stuff at the grocery store. My brother recognized him, of course, but didn’t pester him.


I made Paul Merton a cup of tea once.

I went to school with Gareth Barry.

I saw Eddie Izzard at a shopping mall but he was on the phone and I didn’t wanna be that guy :joy_cat:

The queen was driven past my house? Does that count?

I… Yeah no that’s it. I guess the answer is ‘No’.

I’m excluding industry names as I feel it’s cheating but I’ve met folks like Mike Morhaime, Frank Pierce and co. - and had soundtracks signed by the legend Russel Brower. I don’t count them as technically they were colleagues so meeting them is cheating


If love to meet William Shatner, his Seeking Major Tom album was absolutely off the hook!


I am a celebrity.


I have cooked meals for Edward Heath, Lee Ryan, Chris Tarrant, and Gary Rhodes.

Edward Heath was very strange as he was quite old by then, but still had armed guards with him 0.o. He complemented me on the tenderness of the chicken :slight_smile:


Did you get to chat with Tarrant? He always struck me as a kind of nice “fatherly” type of chap!

How was cooking for Gary Rhodes? Stressful or just another day?


Chatted with Chris Tarrant. He was kindof standoffish although polite without being rude and generally quite genial. Very textbook/rehearsed answers from him though and you could see him virtually wincing in anticipation of someone saying “Want to phone a friend?”.

Gary Rhodes was nervewracking although he was also kind. It’d be easy to say “I always deliver the best food I can” but knowing a celebrity chef was eating it made me much more nervous. He did ask for me to come out when he paid the bill (which was a terrifying walk to the table) but he said he’d enjoyed it and thanked me and that was it. He never came back though XD


Met Jason David Frank at an ice skating rink in NYC when I was around 5 or 6. He was with his then gf at the time, I guess? And I fell down and scoops me up and goes, “CAREFUL!” and skates off. I was a little shell shocked.

Met the 1998 team of the San Antonio Stars at my local airport; my brother recognized them and asked for autographs. They were very deer in the headlights—not used to being recognized and awed over by a 10 year old child who somehow knew every one of their names and had basketball trading cards with their names on them, lol.

Met a couple of game industry folks; Eric Pope from Ubisoft, etc. Do they count?

Haven’t really met anyone else. :frowning:


Ran into Nick Frost at a local pub once (especially unlikely since I live in Australia). Said hi and he was very pleasant but didn’t wanna annoy him so didn’t push it further.

Have a mate who woke up in his parents’ house to find his dad and Richard Dawkins having a chat over breakfast :joy: Pretty sure he was only in a singlet and undies when he came out and ran into them both.


Several but none were pleasant experiences lol

1.) Art Alexakis from Everclear - met him backstage after a college concert in 2003 and he sneezed in my face and laughed.

2.) Ludacris - met him at a drive-thru restaurant I was working at in my early 20s and he rolled down the window to his limo and yelled, “what the f**k are you looking at?” It’s not every day a limo comes through a drive-thru lol

3.) Saliva - also met through the same drive-thru restaurant but this time I had just gotten off work and went to cross the parking lot to get to my car when this dirty ugly van drives up really fast and almost hits me. I flipped them off and they started honking their horn. About 2 min later, my co-worker messaged me and said, “Saliva just came through the drive-thru!” I asked if they was in a dirty brown van and after he said, yes, I then replied, “you mean to tell me those f**kers almost ran me over for a dollar Sweet Tea?”

After that, I never cared too much about meeting celebrities.


Most of the people I’ve met irl who were in the media for whatever reason, was because of crimes they’ve been involved with or victims of. :sweat_smile:

As for online:

I met Martin Wahlund on V2, back when the Trial By Plague skins came out.

If ecelebs count, I met, played with and played against most of the top WoW PVPers on a Wrath of The Lich King arena server.

Hydra (on Overwatch), Drainerx, Mehhx, Marm, Boetar (helped me get my first 2k rating as Fury/Demo in 3’s lol), Fnoberz, Mercedesa, Carmen, Athletefx, Raiku, Homerjay, Flyn, Taximan, Walliriks, Perplexity. Lots more I can’t remember the names of rn.

Most of them were pretty cool, with some exceptions. The server was unregulated toxicity at it’s finest.


Should have replied “oh i am sorry, were you trying to be invisible you douchebag?”