NPCs DLC: Survivors

Thinking solutions to improve the Loot and give it a better use, I had this idea:

DLC: Survivors

In this DLC we can find different NPCs by the current maps. These NPCs may appear randomly by different maps, although with a small chance of finding them.
The NPCs will be protected by patrols or mini bosses and will be locked in cages, like the survivors of Against the Grain.

Once we managed to save them, these survivors will be added to the castle. We can talk with them to tell us stories about them and add more lore to the game.


We can exchange chests with them for materials to add elements to the castle. For example: If we rescue an Architect we can exchange chests to repair different parts of the castle or create statues such as Sigmar.
We could add many different survivors to the castle like a Blacksmith, a Farmer, a Carpenter … There are many possibilities!

In this way we would use the stored chests, while adding more decorative elements to the castle.


Absolutely flashing idea. Love it!
I would also brought back the lorebook from V1
And Khazalid lessions


I’m against using Chests as the “currency” for these NPCs. You’d be sacrificing gear, something that has impact on gameplay, in exchange for stuff that’s otherwise purely cosmetic.

Considering that Shillings are about to come out, and we’ll probably empty the Emporium at some point, wouldn’t it be better to repurpose Shillings so that, once you’ve run out of things to spend them on in the Emporium, you can use them to finance the various services these NPCs would offer?


I’m pretty sure for a new NPC a new map (at least one) would be needed. FS said something in the AMA about going back to existing maps (remaster them), but my expectation is that this will happen (if even at all) after giving everyone a new career (which is very likely), so maybe not even next year.

I’m still kind of upset that they not even bothered to give Catrinne a new voice, i mean, Alix Wilton Regan is a superb voice actor, but it just feels lazy to just sound mix her voice (even with new lines) and call it a day.
Also, she is not even there. It would have been more preferable for me for her to be a character with her own voice in her own room when she is ready, not what she is now.

I’m on the same page, but i would consider to give the stuff we already got laying around some purpose: the crafting materials. I’m guessing i’m not the only one with tens of thousands of scrap, more orange than green and blue dust combined and those ‘never again to be used after getting reds’ weapon and trinket parts.
You could use scrap to tidy up, fix holes and create new paths in the keep, and the weapon and trinket parts to make new item displays. Dust could be used for more creative stuff (Ah, dust, getting some endless games vibes from saying it so often).

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Cue people literally carpeting the interior of their keep in Sigmar statues.

I mean they did add paintings to all maps. It’s minor I know, but I don’t think they’re prevented from adding things in.

Agreed, I’m still hoping it’s a placeholder because it sticks out like a sore thumb in among all the great voice acting of VT2.

I think we need to wait for the crafting/traits and properties rework before coming up with sinks for those materials, as that may already change how they are used. If there’s still an excess then yeah, I could get behind using actual materials to repair the keep, but other than that I still agree with @LordRhinark, I’d rather they reuse the shilling currency for new flavour NPCs.


Maybe we could make the new shilling appear inside the chest, with the possibility of appearing similar to red objects.

In this way we could encourage veteran players to open their chests.

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I’m all for multiple ways of earning Shillings. I’ve already voiced my disagreement with Shillings being limited to Daily/Weekly Quests only, as that puts a limit on the player and how many Shillings they can earn.

However, we’d also need to make sure that Chests aren’t the only alternative to getting Shillings, as not only would that be completely RNG-based, but it would also make the players whom have already opened all of their Chests feel robbed compared to the players that’ve been saving them.

In my opinion, Shillings should be obtainable from all of these sources:

  • Aforementioned Daily/Weekly Quests.

  • Aforementioned Chests.

  • As a set reward for completing a map (including Weaves I guess), with higher difficulties and the amount of books collected granting more Shillings.

  • As a reward for doing Heroic Deeds.

  • As item pickups on maps themselves, akin to Loot Dice, found in either (in-game) chests or as drops from Monsters and Loot Rats.

  • As a temporary measure until the Crafting Rework arrives, perhaps allow us to sell Equipment, Scrap, and other Crafting Materials at the Emporium for even more Shillings.

This will ensure a wide range of different options the player has in order to earn Shillings, compared to the current alternative of them being restricted to Daily/Weekly Quests only.


I’d rather have them created a new playadble character entirely. Wich is anyway less effort then a new carrer for everyone


It’s not less effort! It’s way more!!
You seem to forget, for example, all the voicelines, many of which contain conversational pieces. They have to alter quite a lot, for a new char to fit in and record many more responses for the other heroes (and a few enemies). I believe that’s one of the reasons we won’t get a new one. Quite a complicated process. It would take months to properly trace the script and then rewrite --> enhance and finally track it so it makes sense.
Other classes take a lot of time, but having in sum. 5 more (1 for each exisiting) is less work than a whole new hero with 3!


I’m sorry to inform you, but during the AMA they said quite clearly that a new character will not be coming (but in the same sentence, new careers for everyone will likely come in 2020).
Related: Post #1 and Post #2

And, as Bulwark already stated, no, it’s way more effort.
Those 5 characters, their design, all of their story work, most of their weapons, and even some of their voicelines existed as far back as V1. V2 offered an aedequate amount of new weapons and the careers. I think most of the work characterwise in V2 has been the careers (their talents, passives, actives, etc.), 3 for each. I’m betting during their brainstorming sessions for V2 FS already laid the groundwork for further careers.
The only realistic moment (imo) for a 6th character would have been the release of V2.

Edit to prevent double posting:

Good point, they did that. Truly forgot about that.

I really hope that, too… But why even include her in the state she is right now? Her lines did cost the studio money, so the reasoning behind that would be interesting. My chance to ask is most likely gone till the next AMA, maybe we get an answer (in one way or another) before that.


Nice idea, but for FS it’s impossible to implement like many other ideas suggested here. Too many work, or too expensive, or simply milion others exuses :stuck_out_tongue:

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