500+ hours feedback

Hello there!

I feel like 500 hours in VT2 give me some basis to make valuable suggestions. And yes, there are people with more hours - good for you!

Hosting Quickplay

This is a simple one. Allow people to host a quickplay session instead of making that dependent on no other suitable quickplay session being available at that moment.

Move Spawn Point

Make characters spawn in the center of the keep, not the entrance. It becomes a huge annoyance, when you can’t find a game right away. A lot of times you join a game, enter a keep, find out that the host is AFK and leave again. Rejoining that game 2 minutes later…

Quick Unbox Option

PLEASE implement an option to open a lot of chests at once. I currently have over 150 chests in my inventory. Each chest requires 1 click to open and 3 more clicks to take each item. That’s 600 clicks to open these chests. I am not going to do that, so I’d rather leave the contents untouched than go through that hustle.

Which should tell you something about the incentive power of the chests - it doesn’t exist. Farming chests is nothing I care about at this point. Quite the opposite, I am annoyed by having to wait for the chest animation after each game to finally be over.

Fluff Incentive System: The Keep

Speaking of incentives. Personally, I would like to invest my progression into repairing and upgrading my keep. Before you judge that introduction of an idea, hear me out:

Imagine you can spend your experience on repairing the keep:

  • holes in the wall get filled

  • banners are replaced

  • more picture frames are set up

  • each character’s room can be enhanced with Warhammer infos (books, items)

Here’s a very very simple visualization of the idea:

These simple things could be enhanced by more intricate and complicated additions:

  • place NPC victims into the maps that can be saved by the heroes
    (kind of like the peasants we free in “Against the Grain”)
    These NPCs (maybe 5-7?) would be placed in special positions, maybe including a special mission within the level (and an achievement to unlock?). When successfully saved, that NPC would pop up at the keep and take over a specific role in maintaining the keep.
  1. A Dwarven smith saved from his home in “Into the Nest” that is being attacked by the Skaven. The smith would be working on the forge in the keep, enhancing the crafting feature (making crafting instant, instead of that loading bar…)

  2. A farmer saved from a special cage in “Against the Grain” dragged away by the Skaven already that started burning and will burn the farmer, if the group doesn’t get there in time to rescue them. If rescued, the farmer would tend the small garden in the keep and provide a small boost to medipacks found in-game.

  3. A merchant that was saved in “Halescourge” from a broken off house that can only be reached by a jumping puzzle over the debris and rocks broken off into the abyss. The merchant would then allow players to quickly open loot chests and not having to click each item.

  4. An apothecary apprentice trapped inside his home in “Righteous Stand” that is being overrun by the Pactsworn. If you can save him, before he gets killed, he will be supporting Olesya, making the potions you use in-game more potent.

  5. and so on


Hosting Quickplay

This is a simple one. Allow people to host a quickplay session instead of making that dependent on no other suitable quickplay session being available at that moment.

Well, at least that can be fixed rather easily. There is an approved mod for that.

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I’m totally agree about Keep.


I want my grimdark to be grim and not proper all build stuff, they dont have time in end times to do that kind of meangless work

out of all the things you could be concerned about, this is what you chose? smh, you haven’t played enough. im THAT guy i guess

  • Hosting quickplay
    I don’t care much about that. Quickplay also exist so that people who wants to host a specific game don’t have to wait for ages for their lobby to fill.

  • Move spawn point
    I don’t understand why it’s annoying. Everything you can do in the keep has a hotkey and you can jump of the cliff to respawn at the bridge of shadows.

  • Quick Unbox Option
    Kinda agreed. Part of the problem is that lategame the commondation chests become garbage. I also wouldn’t mind an option where you can instantly salvage chests into parts.

  • The Keep
    Agreed. It always has baffled me that the keep is so big, yet there is absolutely nothing to do.

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