November 17th

On some unofficial discord I saw this message:

''Many of you have joined us in the technical tests and closed beta. We have found these early tests extremely helpful in addressing issues and helping make our game better. So, with that in mind, we want to invite anyone who pre-orders or has already pre-ordered the game an opportunity to play Warhammer 40,000: Darktide as part of a pre-launch Beta period starting November 17th ‘’

Is it true ?

And, if it is indeed a pre-launch. Will we keep everything we did on it for the release of the official game? Or are we going to have to start all over again?

Thanks in advance =)

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that how it worked in V2 so that would be my expectation


Was it the same on wv2? I do not remember. I thought I had lost everything during the transfer from the beta at the end of February to the game’s release at the beginning of March. After that was 4 years ago… I’m starting to get old :joy:

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they had 2 betas for V2 and a tech test,

the open beta was extended all the way up to release and carried over any progress made
(i think it was a week)


Based on the FAQ that is found in the Darktide Discord, FS has not confirmed progression will be carried forward. FS has stated they will give us an update before the pre-launch beta.

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We have news for the pre-launch? Know if we will keep our progress from 17 to 30 then? Or is it just some sort of latest beta?

they said they hop to let us keep our progress but it will depend on the bugs that could occure during it or if balancing for them to reset everything.

The current is “We hope that your progress will be saved and that is our intention, however we cannot guarantee it. The longer we go to the release date, the less likely your progress will be wiped”

We understand this is important to our players, but at this time we are unable to commit whether or not your progression will persist between the Pre-Order Beta and Release of Darktide.

The latest update from Fatshark Hedge on Thursday the 10th of November can be seen below:

Being real, I don’t think we will ever be able to confirm 100% that progress will stay from POB (preorder beta) to launch. That said, we want to keep it! And we’re pretty sure that any issues that arise that mean we have to wipe will happen pretty quickly So if you’re concerned, take it easy for the first few days. Every day that goes without a wipe reduces the chance of their being one quite significantly. IDK if that makes sense. It does to me, but then I wrote it.

We will update this article as more information is received.

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Does anyone know what time we can load the game? I’ll be 17th in two hours for the Eastern US. It must be the 17th in Europe by now…

Or do I have that wrong?

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US East Coast: 1 pm EST
US West Coast: 10 am PST
UK: 6 pm GMT
Europe: 8 pm CEST
Japan: 3 am JST (November 18)
Australia: 5 am AEDT (November 18)
New Zealand: 7 am NZDT (November 18)



Not to happy the way Fatshark is handling the preorders for “early access on the 17th”. Kind of damn pointless if the progress isn’t saved. Might as wait for the 30th… so why the hell pre-order? :thinking:

They’re just trying to dial in for the release, it’s not for the players as much as it’s for the team who’s trying to get the game to be at its best by the 30th.

Because heretics aren’t going to shoot themselves.

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It’s not early access though, it’s a beta.

And also, the game is fun, so you get to play it more while they do final tuning to make sure things are working as intended. Works for me

Some of us are getting withdrawal syndromes…

So, 2 hrs before the D hour and no preload. I guess I’ll check it out tomorrow. So much for the 17th…

well there might not be anypreload for it and the DL will be available in two hours.

this is what fatshark apparently said somewhere based on this article:

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