Conflict of " Devoted Rejects Pack" and Pre-Order 17th November release from pre-order players if progression carry?

So I am both owner of V1 and V2 and I have pre-order of Darktide. I just saw today that owners of V1 and V2 will receive “Devoted Rejects Pack” which are explusive tatoots and faces. However the message says they will be available from 30th November on launch.

I know progression carrying from 17th wasn’t confirm yet but If I would like to use one of the V1/V2 faces and progression will carry: that means that I will have to make new character on 30th to be able to use that exclusive Rejects Pack faces/tattoos since I can’t change my existing character face in game once I make one?

Both just kind of conflict with each other if don’t add mechanic to edit appearance features in game.

Unless I missed some official confirmation that we can change physical attributes in hub?

Thanks for pack anyway! Cool touch :slight_smile:


Very good point.
Hope there will just be an option ingame to change anything but the class itself so this would be no problem too.

I was told twice now that there would be a “barber” where you could change your appearance but that was on reddit. I can’t guarantee it for you ;/

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It looks like FS will inform via the steam Forum here:

same, I havent seen it officialy said but it would make no sens overwise, “here the new 25$ dlc adding new hair and body type to your carriere, all you have to do is start from 0 all your caracters” doesn’t seems that appealing^^


Yeah. It would be nice to hear from devs a confirmation of this feature (appearance edit) or how they intend to make this two bonuses to work for their customers. “Wasting” my time to progress on early access only to start new character at 30th becasue I would like to use my other bonus I got is kind a bummer.


I have heard so much PC speak since the Beta it’s making my head hurt. Just commit to carrying progress over, or don’t. My guess is there’s a lot riding on the success of this one and there are certainly people banking on progress carrying over as a prelude to wanting to preorder.

From my chair, if there’s no confirmation, I’m just going to wait. It will give me a couple weeks to sift through the 40k homers “reviews/glorified advertisement” and then actual reviews to see where this game stands.


I think it’s already stated that the pre-order beta will not be the full game. If that’s indeed the case then I’d probably wait until after the 30th for genuine reviews as anything up to that point will be reviewing an unfinished product.

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Also concerned about this, at the moment just not gonna level up anymore until it’s clarified.

I guess you will have access to them at the barbare surgeon like the other option. So no conflict on them unless you want to change your gender to match the new look.

theres a barber in the hub that you can go to thatll change your look and everything but personality