(OLD) KNOWN ISSUE: Where Are My Imperial Edition Items/Pre-Order Bonuses/Vermintide Cosmetics?

The items listed below will not be available during the Pre-Order Beta, and will instead be awarded to players on release, being the 30th of November.

  • Imperial Edition Items
  • Pre-Order Bonuses
  • Vermintide Cosmetics (Devoted Rejects Pack)
  • Twitch Drops

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So we will be able to edit our Pre-order beta character Appearance on release to apply Vermintide 2 cosmetics for character gen for example? It would be really not fun to be required to make new character on release just to use them.


I’m really hoping everything but gender, backstory and voice is customizable upon character creation. It’d be really dumb to have to remake characters to change things like this. Especially when it wasn’t available during the “beta” (let’s be honest, it’s early access assuming any progression is maintained as they intend).

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Wait, which twitch drops ?

Please no Twitch drops, i dont want to go to a third-party site to get game stuff. F*** Twitch.


how is twitch drops going to work is it going to be conntected to our Fatshark account or steam account or both?


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I saw a streamer yesterday get his drop no problem :

clips.twitch.tv/ ElegantSecretiveDinosaurPastaThat-WmuXu6olIIbouTLp

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But me, I have done everything that has been asked : I unlocked the drop, claimed it in Twitch “Drops and Rewards”, completed all 3 steps of the account linking process on accounts.atoma.cloud/twitch-drops yet still nothing in the appearance tab for my lasguns. It’s a bit frustrating. Collecting skins is an important part of the game for me.

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I suggest you read the post at the very top carefully.

i hope gender and voice are customisable, and you get option including exclusive character editing cosmetics such as augment, but im pretty sure thats what the end left room accrossfrom the armoury is for.

Also i understand twitch drops are important, but please dont make them exclusive to twitch, maybe make them free on twitch but dont make us use an amazon service if we dont want to. Amazon sucks.

I brought the imperial edition that comes with skins. I can only play this game using the GeForce app. I don’t see the pre-order skins available in my load out. Is this a tech issue or will it be available at on official launch?:

As mentioned in the FAQ Linked Above they’re available on launch day.