Missing Weapon cosmetics from multiple incidents

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Missing cosmetics. I didn’t receive any of the twitch drops. That one may have been my fault, but then I bought the Preacher Arch-Missionarus cosmetic pack and received the player skins, but the weapon skins aren’t showing up even though I have one of the weapons. The weapon cosmetic tab for the required weapon is still empty.

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I’m missing mine too, Idk if they added them or not. :confused:

The Twitch Drop issues we are aware of, as for the Weapon Skin, it looks like you’re attempting to apply it to the wrong Autogun, I’m asking internally for more clarification on which one.


I appreciate your reply. I have tried it on the Agripinaa and Columnus Autoguns. Both have empty cosmetics. Are they locked to those specific variants?

It all comes down to being my bad. I genuinely didn’t know you guys were bought out by Tencent. They are one of the only companies I know of that would sell the same cosmetic 5 times separating each variant as a separate income stream. I guess I’ll just rock the default skin.

Infantry auto gun NOT braced auto gun. Pls read more

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You’re absolutely right. It’s even more segmented than I’d given them credit for. Then they can sell the same skin what like 10 times? I had thought 5 times was pretty predatory. Clearly I was mistaken.

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I have cheked the agripinaa Mk I Infantry Autogun and there is only the skin from my Imperial edition and not from twitch drop.