Not recognising game pass

Issue Description:

Game not registering gamepass on Xbox series x

Steps to Reproduce:

Can’t get past first screen it tries to sell me game pass which I already have then says can’t connect when I back out of the sales screen

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[Steam/Microsoft Store/Xbox]
Xbox series x

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Could you share your GamerTag with me please?

Lansdren Hafoc

No luck looking it up, I suppose as you haven’t been able to reach the stage in which your account is created in our backend.

Are you 100% certain you have an active Game Pass subscription?

It may be that you need to speak with Xbox Support about this.

Yes I have the console game pass

I’m pretty sure if I didn’t it wouldn’t have downloaded the game

I wonder if you were able to download whilst your subscription was active and then perhaps it expired?

Nope it’s a fairly new subscription got the Xbox back when starfield came out and it’s still running the last payment came out only a couple of weeks back. So unless you are only allowing the game on the ultimate gamepass subscription and not the consol gamepass I can’t see why it’s not even allowing me to log in

As a just in case I redownload the game yesterday and still no change was hoping with the update maybe something would work now but no such luck.

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