Not an apology. Just an update


A community update should not be pawned off as an open letter to the players. So many people interpret this as an apology, it’s just a laundry list of things they still didn’t do. Now because the player base is going to drop lower than VT2, they’ve realized their cash-grab approach didn’t work (what a shock). The biggest slap in the face is the section that says they will “suspend the upcoming releases of premium cosmetics.” This means they were STILL focused on pumping out FOMO content before they drafted this letter, even though the entire game is standing on one leg. I’m more insulted by this than if they had just quietly fixed the game. I’m NEVER buying a single thing from this company again. Lesson learned.


I’m not happy about it at all either.
But “FOMO” is not the cosmetics. You can buy the cosmetics after they release new ones it’s the first thing they changed putting tabs in the shop.

Who knows how it would have worked later with more content. But the FOMO mechanics is mostly based on the idiotic 1 hour but always random , mostly s**t items in a shop that forces you to keep checking it for 1% interesting items.

Also, who the f cares about cosmetics it’s a non subject.
There are a lot of criticisms that should be formulated towards Fatshark management of their game but this is just generic bashing with random words.

But “FOMO” is not the cosmetics. You can buy the cosmetics after they release new ones it’s the first thing they changed putting tabs in the shop.

You can for now, it was said in a previous update that past three pages of cosmetic per class (so as we are now), they will take down the oldest set to launch the newest. With the idea that the old set will resurface hopefully.

I think that’s the reason they stop the rolling on cosmetic. they can’t afford what will happen once they confirm FOMO.

This is a direct response to criticism aimed at them from the fanbase on release of the game. We did not like that they had a ton of cosmetic items lined up for the cash shop while the actual game was unfinished on release and that criticism was spammed all over the place. They are literally giving you what you asked for and you are trying to turn it into something negative. smh

How do you know they are not stopping the cash shop so they can rework it to be earnable in game at a later date instead? It would be wrong to sell them to people for money now if they plan to change the system to make it earnable in game at a later date…

We don’t know what will happen in the future or what their plans are yet.


White Knight for this company as much as you want. It took them two months to “realize” and “communicate” that people have valid feedback about the UNFINISHED PRODUCT THEY SHIPPED. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Spout all the rhetoric you need to make it seem like this company has your best interests, but the reality is they’re after your wallet and there’s ZERO passion to make a real game here. If that wasn’t true, this game would have been completed in its entirety at launch. Is that the fault of the devs? Nope. I’d bet dollars to donuts that they are victims just as much as the consumers are at this point. I firmly rest the blame for this sh!t show on the shoulders of management. They sent me a message, now I’m sending one back. This is the last 40 bucks you’ll EVER see from me. Pouring one out for all of you who continue to play this and believe that they won’t end up trying to screw you out of your money again. Toxic relationships are a thing and you should get some therapy. I’ve seen my share of trainwrecks and know when to walk away.


This is such nonsense.

The only reason the cosmetics were changed to stop rotating is because of backlash, but they already confirmed they still intend to rotate them in batches of three.

Likely they paused the cosmetics entirely at the moment, not out of concern for the players, but because they have dramatically lost retention on their live service. Whats the point of releasing new cosmetics if no one is playing?

And the idea that they might be reworking the premium cosmetics to be earnable in game is ridiculous. Just one look at the line “We are suspeding our seasonal rollouts” tells you everything you need to. They are patching the “pain points”, then as soon as they think they have the minimum viable product out comes the season pass, and here come the new premium cosmetics.


Wait wait wait…

THAT was the community update they kept us waiting 2 weeks for?


LMAO even

Not at all ive been just as critical of things I didn’t like as anyone else here including the time it took to let us know what was going on. I wrote a short post a while back and logged myself out of the forum until I saw some sort of response from fatshark. Im here again as a direct result of the letter they put out.

If they want my wallet (lol) they will have to do better and they know that. So their interest and mine are the same at the moment even if our motivations are different. So yeah they absolutely do want happy customers because that makes them more money. It’s all very simple when you stop to think about it. I wish them luck anyway I’m legendarily tight fisted with my money lol so it will have to be something impressive to squeeze anymore out of me.

This did make me laugh though I’m not in a relationship with someone I buy something from.