Noone joining in Cata bots suck

Halfway unrelated: This always seems odd to me. If I remember correctly then you are from the UK. Which is …. so I would think close enough to Europe that we see the same lobbies.

Personally, in the evening hours I have never issues finding games for Cataclysm. However, it seems to be more troublesome for Great Britain. There was another user here in the forum who complained about lobbies as well (that time for Legend). Is the UK Living in some kind of internet bubble? (If you even are from the UK).

It strikes me as odd somehow O.o That said, for remote destinations a lack of lobbies is a problem but I don’t think it would be an issue for EU and NA.

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Eastern US have very little cata lobbies. Every time I solo QP, the game puts me in matches halfway across the world instead of somewhere say from Canada or Western US lol

Then I look at the lobby, and most of the US and Canada lobbies are either full or private.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of Vermintide/Warhammer fans in the East here.

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Only reasonable reward can increase cata player base, nothing else. And I remember that forum wanted no reward for cata.

Many dedicated players have left or don’t play much like before. Same reason here, No reward. What would make them keep playing? I dunno, nothing.

Stagger mechanism was one thing. I didn’t like that much though, it was bearable.
But no matchmaking for weave and no reward for cata? I also left for few months after WOM… That was unbearable.

Nowadays I don’t play if there aren’t players to play with. Soloing is just not fun. I also think this is huge issue. Almost dead pub. However, if chaos wastes comes out with separated mode and no actual reward for it as expected, this game would be more dead in months.

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Did the forum really not want rewards for Cata? I don’t remember seeing that anywhere.

He probably means no better reward than Legend. And yes, I stand to that comment. Cataclysm should not provide better rewards than Legend.


You can easily find those statements by search. Actual rewards for playing cataclysm

I saw similar things before WOM and on reddit too.
I remember no reward for cata was dominant opinion and i objected it.

To my understanding, there were cata rewards in the WoM beta but were removed because it caused the game to crash.

This is what I was told. I have no idea if that is the reason why they were ultimately removed. I didn’t even know WoM existed until January of this year lol

Concerning whether or not there should be rewards, I would vote yes but then the question remains: what kind of rewards? It can’t just be different boxes based on grabbing books.

Everyone who is ready to make the jump to cata is welcome of course but increasing red drop rates in newer cata boxes would just attract too many people pushing for full book runs when they aren’t even ready for vanilla cata runs. This would cause a lot of frustration and eventually decrease in player retention.


I don’t see an issue with rewards for Cata. You can get Power capped on Legend pretty easily, so it’s not like you need to do anything for higher gear.

I try to join a QP every now and then, but usually it ends up with people without rhyme or reason pushing forward, nobody taking books, and then everyone dies with the first horde that comes along, or the host dies and closes the game and you reload the map…
I think the only decent way to get a cata run going is by arranging a group via LFG on Discord or via a Steam Group, QP is just wasted time.

I guess i can go off topic?

I’ll do one comment.

I think they should open up cata for free, purely the difficulty.
All it does is split the playerbase, for no reason.


There’s only one problem with this suggestion…

No one would have a reason to buy Winds of Magic and no one will pay $20 just for weapons.

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What might be a good compromise is making the difficulty free, but make it so that Cata gives special rewards with WoM. So if you have WoM, completing a Cata map grants 1 red dust + normal reward. Without WoM, you just get the normal chest.

A problem which is easily solvable imo.
Calculate how much Cataclysm is worth in that dlc pack and remove that amount from the WoM dlc.

The issue that wouldn’t be easily solvable, would be players that already bought WoM purely for Catacylsm. Those would be kinda mad to say the least, but i think its fine honestly.
Alot of games make things they offered for money free after a while.

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DLC would still be too high considering very small groups of people even play Weaves. So, most people would only buy it for the weapons. Which would still be around $15 or so (give or take).

Weaves were hand crafted maps. They obviously take up the majority of the price.

Now we are talking about if weaves are worth the price, thats a different topic.

In my opinion, I still say that you should not separate Beastmen and Cataclysm, even with their decreased spawn rate. As such they have the option to make both available for free or both paid.

If I would be sadistic and in charge (and we can be happy I’m not) I would add three additional sub-DLCs where you can buy parts of WoM separately:

  • Part 1: Cataclysm and Beastmen - 10 €
  • Part 2: Dark Omen and the new weapons - 10 €
  • Part 3: Weaves - 10 €

If people are not interested in the complete package they can chose the parts they are interested in and purchase them separately.

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But you can’t have beastman without playing Dark Omens first…

This has already been suggested and rejected already. Weaves took approximately a year to make so that’s why the price of WoM is so high. Taking Weaves out of the package would cause Weaves to not be purchased at all.

Weaves are fun but because hardly anyone plays them, they are a ghost town. If Weaves got reworked or was removed and added to QP as a mutator then would it attract more players.

I still don’t understand why Weaves couldn’t be adjusted to group size. I’m hoping that was a massive oversight.

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I know because I suggested it before. And while illogical you can very well have Beastmen without Dark Omens. It is currently not programmed in that way but you can change that. I mean even without having the DLC you can encounter them. Minor issues in my eyes. The separation of the packages is aiming at something different.

Weaves have an accessibilty issue. That is what should be solved. The maps themselves are good and interesting.

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That’s because the host owns WoM and has already completed Dark Omens. If you buy WoM and never played Dark Omens then you wouldn’t see beastman (unless you join a QP where the host had already completed it). At least, that’s how it was described.

Yes, like I said. That is because it is programmed like that currently because it is more logical. This can be changed.