Noobz's First True Solo!

Sorry for the potato quality. My PC can barely handle recording at a decent rate AND play the game (on lowest settings).

Glaive - PvC, Crit, SS
Longbow - PvA, Crit, CS
Neck - Stam, HP, Shallya
Charm - PvA, Speed, Decanter
Trinket - Stam Rec, Crit, Grenadier

Talents - 3, 2, 2, 2, 1

I originally had a charm that was PvInfantry instead of Speed, and I switched it out for this ONE run of many, and it just happened to work out. I was going for a little extra speed to make sure I got two hits off on a boss before dodging, but I sacrificed a breakpoint for lots of infantry/specials, and I don’t think I’d do that again. If I’d had a Speed/Inf, I would have used that, because I don’t think I’d lose a breakpoint for any armored units at this point.

I think I’ll try Daggers without Invis next. Invis was my training wheels, so now I’ll have to do a super legit run. Please leave any tips/suggestions below! Thanks for watching!



Use something else than a Handmaiden. Nearly every decent player is able to solo runs with a HM. Don´t take that bad or so… it´s just the career…

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Not to pee on your parade but yeah, Darth speaks the truth. Try soloing with a character other than handmaiden or shade.

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