No Skull Mod allowed?

Does anyone know if this is allowed to use?
I dont understand why its not always above the Head of Enemies rather than obscuring so i was wondering if im allowed to remove it through Mod

If mod is up, then sure, why not.

Cause FS said theat changs to certain Ui Elements will be considered a ban. This why f.ex. you cant change Colors on Veterans ability so you can se enemies better through Fire

However i havent played in a while, so i noticed that the Skull is above the Head now. As i remember though, it depends how far the Enemy was, so the Skull was obscuring. Its was annoying on certain Maps with Long distances. Havent seen the Skull obscuring tonight, but well see.

iMO cause a Mod is ready to be downloaded i dont think they are all legal maybe or were. There was or still is a Mod for changing Colors for Vet on Nexus. This is/ was a NoNo to use as far as their statement went a while agon on Mods.

Just want to be sure. Have to do more Games to see if the Skull above the Head stays true on all occations!

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Well, good luck to you, and if you really want to know the answer you can ask CMs around in their discord

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If the mod was against FS ethics, it wouldn’t be around any longer, since Modding Discord cooperates with Fatshark devs and also lightly moderates the stuff on the Nexus by promoting or discouraging / flagging uploads.

Only thing that got taken down that I can think of recently was the “Always First Attack on Attack” mod because it had an exploited that allowed attacking at incredibly fast speed.