No rangeweapon zoom option

Can we get a option for a no zoom option on the ranged weapons?
Maybe as a on/off setting in the settings like the head bobble.

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You can always “roll” when you’re using ranged weapons like the handgun, xbow, hag, swift, etc. Essentially any ranged weapon that doesn’t have a “wind up” animation you can roll. Which is like aiming quickly and shooting so that you still get the accuracy buff but don’t zoom in all the way. For weapons like longbows there’s usually a “sweet spot” for markus and for the elf you can always animation cancel.

edit: it’d be nice but i feel like it would add another layer of power to ranged weapons as the FOV is also kinda there to limit your use of your ranged weapon to an extent which is why weapons like hag and swift have little to no zoom, but “sniper” weapons have a long zoom in