No Lobbies in the Browser

When attempting quickplay, no matches are found and I immediately host. Nobody joins into the lobby. Searching with the lobby browser manually, the list is entirely empty. By extending search range to Far or World a handful of other solo lobbies can be found. This is with the broadest search possible: all lobbies, all difficulties, at all distances etc.

A quick google search tells me that this is not a unique issue. It seems like it’s been happening since last year.

I have tried all recommended methods to resolve the issue. Restarting my PC, restarting steam. Clearing the download cache. Changing the download region. Verifying game files. Reinstalling the game. Nothing works. I really enjoy this game and this issue is very frustrating to me.

A patch is in progress for this issue, but it’s unfortunate that you’ve had no luck with the usual recommendations of restarting Steam, etc. Some players have had success in resolving this by disabling and re-enabling their network adapter.

The patch is now live!

Thank you- it’s now working. :+1:

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