Can't join any games

Justi putting this out there. I have never had this issue before. I cannot join any games. Not in quick play and not selecting them in the lobby. It says it is joining but nothing ever happens. Played this game for 100+ hours and have never had this issue. Already restarted steam and everything. Weird.

Not sure if this link is relevant, but maybe try and delete your steam download cache in your steam settings? It can be accessed in the top left of steam in one of the menus. Just note, it requires you to log in again once you do it though. This links to another post on the forums, with what I think may be a similar problem Dec 20th can't find any servers in lobby browser only private matches and cannot join games with quickplay

Are you playing the beta? Because that could be the issue as well. I just rolled back to the live version as all me mates went to bed. So I had no one to play with as there are currently less than 20 games worldwide, and they’re not even all full. There was only 1 lobby with 1 person in it for Northern EU. It was rather late though, around midnight Swedish time.

If it’s the live version though, and not the beta. Completely exiting steam, making sure it’s not running and then re-launching it normally works. Other wise, as Beard said, clear your cache.

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