Dec 20th can't find any servers in lobby browser only private matches and cannot join games with quickplay

so idk what happened I was playing just fine last night now when I click quickplay it almost instantly hosts a match since it cannot find one, and when I look into the lobby browser there is no joinable matches only private ones. so I can no longer play…?

Are you perhaps toggled on to the Modded Realm in the launcher?

This happened to me yesterday the 21st in the official realm. It was super weird, completely empty lobby browser for all difficulties. On PC

When I clicked quickplay it would start me hosting immediately, but once I loaded a game people would join like usual. Didn’t stick around to see if they would join in the keep.

hello, thanks for responding. I have fixed the issue somehow by deleting the download cache for steam. and no I was not in the modded realm. i’ll go ahead and delete this post if possible. again ty.

no I wasn’t, not at first then I tried modded realm just to see if it would do anything and it did not. however this is moot as I have fixed the issue by deleted the download cache for steam, prior to that I had a file or files missing when I verified game cache, it download the file/files but the problem persisted. the problem is now fixed ty.

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