No level 30 reward...Why?

When reaching certain mile stones on your characters you unlock class rewards, either talent points, another sub class or a room inside your own fort.

But upon reaching level 30, you receive nothing…why?

A room upgrade would have been great(looking at Sienna’s room still a mess), a special item that is not overpowered or powered in general but rather just an “Illusion” custom made to that class upon reaching level 30 for a choice of weapon or range weapons.

Yet after the grind to 30, you get nothing…please justify this,


You get one of the few Steam achievos, but yea, wouldnt mind something more. Would personally like a minor talent or passive for 30. Have to be minor else you’ll get the elitest complaining.

Its because the game isn’t finished and things like keep decorations were chopped for release. Maybe we’ll see them in a future patch or DLC that finishes the game.

They put in place a level cap, they knew people would get level 30 within the week of the games release…A huge let down when reaching your characters full potential but really get nothing but the steam points and the cool number “30” under your name IMO.

I was looking forward to unlocking keep decorations with tricky heroic deeds. Little did I know the system wouldn’t be in the game at launch! In all seriousness though I do agree that its a letdown. We don’t even get anything like a banner for completing Skittergate, what was the point of giving us such a large base of operations when nothing really happens to it from our accomplishments?

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I brought this up a few weeks back when I finally reached level 150 (30 with ALL characters) and didn’t get anything but the achievement. I also think it’s lame that you don’t really get anything else for your hard work, but what do you do. I doubt Fatshark will give us anything.

Oh boi. I hope they dont try the EA way of things D:

It’s funny how people consider sitting in front of a computer on a comfy chair playing a computer game : “Hard Work”. Playing is not hard work, being outside digging a ditch for 8 hours is hard work or working on a construction site for 8 hours.

Stop feeling so entitled just beacuse you reached lvl 30. You got an achievement, be happy about that.

For the people who actually DO THAT kind of work…and still grind to 30 and get nothing…still feel like they should get something for putting in the effort into the game they play.

Tho I agree that the last 5 levels up to 30 seem rather pointless, why do you feel the need to get anything other than the feeling of completion. You’ve made it, congrats to you.
You get an achievement and then you get a new one when you get them all to 30.

I’ve only got Bardin to 30, didnt get anything, then again I didnt care either. I only play him anyway.
There is more pressing matter to focus on in this game than whether or not you should get a “gift” at lvl 30.

Fair point. I will play the characters at 30, Regardless that 30 being the last level, anything past it is just (+) added. I am not asking for a lot for ending the leveling grind entering final gear grind…but having something that other than steam points (I’m in it for the house upgrade showing your progress/loot/lore…not steam points. they have zero value to me and probably a lot of the community)

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