No enemies spawning in psykhanium.. HELP

Am I missing something? i just downloaded the game and began the first round in the Psykhanium. I’ve gone through the first few lessons, combo attacks, heavy, charge weapon, block etc. I’m at the “Dodge” lesson now and no enemies are spawning… So i’m just kind of stuck here. Tried reloading it a few times, and I get to the same point. What should I do?

Just tried reinstall… and same problem.

You should probably put this in the technical feedback or bug section.

Also, whoever responds will most likely ask for your console log from the session(s). There should be info on how to get those in the tech/bug sections.

@FatsharkQuickpaw @FatsharkLev

You don’t need enemies to spawn to complete the dodge lesson, you need simply to perform the action.