QoL update wish list for testing weapons and things

Psykhanium :

It’s better than Vermitide 2 now, but it’s not better than Vermitide 2 spawn mode. I want to spawn enemies in Psyhanium like Vermintide 2 mode. And it would be better you can delete spawns with some hotkey + you can make them hostile and non-hostile, how many you want to spawn. So you can test various thing like damages, cleave, and dodge window for specials.

And I want Fatshark add Lords and Monsters in the spawn list.

Weapon stat (inspect):

It’s still better than Vermintide 2 and is similar like Armoury mode in the game. But I want to see push’s stagger power, and follow-up attack’s detail too. And details of attack speed of each attack (time of end of attack - start of attack) and wind-up time for heavy attack.

And I want to know how much cleave stats we have, and how much of enemies hit mass and armor mass.