General Feedback Belakor

Dear Fatshark team,

As of yesterday the latest Update Be’lakor released. It contains additional content for the Chaos Wastes and a few fixes for the game in general.
This here is a general critique about this update and the game’s current state.

Whilst waiting thoroughly for the update for the last couple of weeks I was convinced that this update will have less issues than any of the previous ones.

Sadly I was not aware of the issues it will bring with it.

The first thing I heard was that UI tweaks got unsanctioned again. This time without a prior warning or any heads up. Modding a game like Vermintide is certainly not an easy task. Especially when it comes to the low resources and possibilities that exist.

The Game might not be intended to be played with mods but this is an important backbone for the playerbase to ensure a customisable experience that everyone can enjoy.

Giving players the option to use Mods and supporting modders as well as making them available for the broughter playerbase is crucial for the games health.

The general guideline to not sanction new Mods anymore but simply include similar functionality in the Game itself is a well elaborated strategy. However, as of right now I am confronted with neither having more sanctioned mods nor more included functionality that other mods may provide.

Apart from a few long awaited fixes like the fire bomb damage adjustment there are also a few more problems in other areas that are worth mentioning.

Notable is a crash that occurs when trying to switch a map with the legacy UI and a Backend Error that happens when rerolling a weapon too often.

Those Issues are nothing less than embarrassing and show not enough to almost no testing about the update has been done.

All in all I have been awaiting this update with great hope to once again experience the Chaos Wastes in a new and fun way. I received an Update that partially made the game unplayable.

I am nothing less than disappointed by the release.

I know if someone will read this critic it will most likely be either Hedge, Aqshy or Julia but I am not taking to the three but I am taking to Fatshark as a whole.
Fatshark is no small Indie game studio with maybe 70 employees anymore. It is a grown game company that got the biggest chance someone could ever dream for.
Fatshark created vermintide 1 established itself with a solid and unique concept, used Vermintide 2 as their biggest game yet as a springboard to now be able to release one of the most awaited games of the year. Abandoning Vermintide 2 and all the players that supported the game and Fatshark as a whole over for years is simply disrespectful.

A release in this state is not acceptable.

Besides all the critics I am not hear to only complain and expect everyone to nod with their heads and scream “yea fatshark bad”.

I am writing this to also give you ideas to solve those issues and further develop Vermintide 2 to a game that is a great experience for everyone.

As of right now mods are not getting sanctioned anymore because they may get implemented into the game at some point.

I urge you to change this idea and start resanctioning mods again until they eventually get implemented in the game itself.

This will motivate modders to keep developing new takes about how you can experience the game, will bring back old players to relive the experience in an old fashioned or completely renewed way and also give newer players their own choice of customizing the game to their needs.

This will eventually only result in more possible players and a longer lasting and happier player base.

The transparency and communication between Fatshark and the playerbase has been improving enormously.
To further develop the bond between the players and the developers I suggest you will partially include players into the process of pretesting the games updates.

There has been at least one call for players interested to playtest the game and I am absolutetly certain that when any player would have gotten only one day of testing the released updated version of the game this disasterours release would have been preventable.

This is a perfect opportunity to also include content creators and other interested characters to show the upcoming changes to the public which will increase interest and not blindly waking up to an update.
Also it ensures that various community managed information sources have time to adjust and react accordingly.
Lastly it also informs potential buyers of the game or it’s contents what dlcs and cosmetics will be available.

There have been a lot of great changes happening around the development of Vermintide 2 but also various disappointments can be recalled.

All I want is an enjoyable and workable game perfect for rat slaughter.



PS: I absolutely love the new handmaiden skin :heart_eyes:


This doesnt seem to affect everyone though, i didnt encounter either of the two major bugs you mentioned before this part…i´d cut fatshark some slack since techno jargon can hit real weird.

That said, you raise excellent points in asking about those “opt-in” patches and the treatment of modders. We did use to have the former of the above but maybe they didnt help? Only fatshark can tell us.

And as for modders? Well i guess the idea is that no one gets any special treatment, not even the sanctioned modders…which has both pro´s and cons.

But it´d be nice to have it said somewhere rather than leaving everyone guessing. Especially the poor modders who get to go be excited about content only to find out all their works have crashed and need to be patched.

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Uh, I think “disastrous” is a bit of an overstatement. Obviously there are some bugs and issues, but to my understanding they have been at least acknowledged as such. Remembering the state of the game early after WoM’s release, you can’t reasonably compare these two situations and I’m not sure how you would qualify that case if the present one constitutes a “disaster”. Mods have broken with any new release and it is to be expected of the legacy UI to cause issues precisely because it’s “legacy” and no longer maintained. I do hope these issues get solved in a timely manner for the people who play the game that way.

Edit: It appears some of the mentioned issues have already been fixed in patch 4.7.1.

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I am rather dissapointed that Chaos Wastes is apparently now the go to mode that gets updates.

But the real disspointment is to see “New weapon traits” in the patch notes that could easily be part of the campaign mode, could have been part of updates for years, but are bound to Chaos Wastes.

These development choices will eventually go over to Darktide and what can i expect there then? The vast majority of Vermintide veterans spent thousands of hours repeating campaign missions without complaining and usually only wanting that to expand with at least new maps, so why is the focus not on expanding what Vermintide made great in the first place? I strongly assume Darktide will start with campaign levels too.

Its still so sad to see that Fatshark is apparently still experimenting on how to properly support their games.


It is not too bad in my eyes. I like that we have new FREE stuff. But you are right that we need more love for modders. I am looking forward to next update that implement more mods into the game - the last one was great.
What disappointed me most about this update is that the bots outlines bug, which I have pointed out several times, is still not fixed. It’s starting to seem like Fatshark doesn’t want to fix them on purpose.

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