No audio during mission and mission loading screen

Issue Description:
My game does not have audio when I’m loading into a mission, nor when I’m in the mission itself. Doesn’t matter what mission I play. Doesn’t matter what I use for audio – Bluetooth earbuds, system speakers, headset with mic, headset without mic – none of these output audio in the previously mentioned circumstances.

I checked the debug log for one of my play sessions, and I saw that Lua is constantly deregistering user audio. I’ll update this ticket in the future with the actual log output.

Edit: I’ve seen elsewhere the suggestion that this is happening on Steam Deck because of maxed out resources, but this isn’t the case. I’ve thoroughly checked how much processing power is being used by the system, and the way I have it configured, processing power is not maxed out.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Darktide
  2. Desire sound

Steam Deck

Reproduction Rate:
Consistent (100%)

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-18-23.39.53-ddf33e2d-9aec-4fbb-94b9-41dede4ed3c9.log (199.4 KB)

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Thank you for your report, please ping me when you’ve got the console logs uploaded.

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Hey Quickpaw, I’ve just uploaded a log file as an edit to the original post. Sorry for the delay. I can share others as well, if needed. Thank you.

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Thank you for your update! Another question real quick. Since you specify that you don’t have audio in the loading screen or during missions, I take it you DO have audio in other parts of the game like the HUB, the character select screen, etc?

What about the prologue?

I only lose sound once I’m loading into multiplayer, and in missions. It works in the hub, it works in the hub loading screen, it works in the prologue.

It’s like a lightswitch. As soon as I hit the ready screen or the loading in screen (whichever comes first), audio stops. As soon as I’m done getting xp and the after action summary, and I’m loading back into the hub, the audio abruptly plays again.

This happens every time, and regardless of audio source.

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Just to add some more information, as I am experiencing the exact same issues.
AIso, I noticed that it is muting all sounds on the computer.

I had a browser window with flowTV running on a secondary monitor, and that sound was muted as well.
So it’s seemingly changing the audiochannel or something else. Either way, it is affecting all sounds on the computer and not just the sound in-game.

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Thanks for this added info. I’ve seen a few other reports like mine, both here and reddit. Glad I’m not alone.

What OS are you playing on?