No audio in game

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When I launch a game all sound is disappear in my speakers, even logo or intro movie. Sound appear if I connect headphone in front pannel or connect bluetooth headset. It hapened after patch#13 realesed.
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Constant (100%)

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Is there an issue with the port you’re connecting to perhaps? I understand it seems too coincidental for that to be the case.

I’d also recommend having a look here:

Port working correctly, in other games I don’t have similar issues. Before patch#13 it worked as always, but after something goes wrong.

I did all steps “How to Resolve Audio Issues” before creating this ticket, even reinstall Darktide but problem still present.

Could you screenshot your audio settings in Darktide for me please?

Same for me. Sound just randomly stops and then appears from 1 to 5 min . Happaned on map Smelter Complex HL17-36 on the last run. Never had this problem before.

Whenever I play some high intensity Damnation / Auric map, when there’s a lot going on including specials of all sort, the sound starts to act up and some sounds are distorted, some lacking, voices from characters get sometimes robotic…
I’m under the impression that it’s caused by flamers but I can’t say for sure.
Having no idea other than too many audio cues supposed to play at the same time, I have no idea how to reproduce this.

Edit: it happened on a low intensity Damnation map, too. Friends playing with me had the same issue at the same time.

Please close this ticket. Problem was in my dumb head

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