Newcomer experience after 500 hours

I play since the Xbox release, I tried it on GamePass, loved it and bought the Imperial Edition and it was worth it - the bundled costumes turned out to be unique and cool. I also purchase paid costumes from time to time and I surely spent more than was bundled with the Imperial Edition so I consider myself as a ty

Right now I am sitting at around 500 hours spent in-game, I play Auric Damnation almost exclusively at this point, except when I need to close Melk’s contract fast. I tried standard damnation but 20k of ordo dockets are just not worth it for ~30-45 minutes spent in the match.

I never really played Vermintide series so my POV is clearly not affected by it.

I must say I feel that I am not progressing at all. I have a good gear, many 365+ and 375+ items on my four characters (one per each class) but it’s not like I have perfect items, that’s for sure.

The problem is that while I am playing the hardest difficulty out there (and also completed twins hard mode and got the secret third trinket) and while I am having a pretty high chance of winning it, I don’t really feel that I did any progression at all.

5 auric damnation matches won’t get you even one grey 370+ because 200k ordo dockets is too small amount to get rolls like that. I ended up with two 360+ items which were butchered by hadron.

So after 5 auric damnation wins I have less resources than before it and zero new items that I can upgrade to.

Last 50 hours got me zero useful items for me to swap anything.

I really struggle to stay with the game since the problem is the model is wrong. When I was playing The Division or Destiny I always had drops of something more powerful even if it was a single point over my current one. It was very satisfying getting something new and more powerful even if the difference was too small for make a difference (no pun intended).

Melk sells things that doesn’t make sense like curio with three III perks or 310+ weapon with lvl III and maybe even IV blessings.

I need a guaranteed progress. It can be small but it should be persistent.

I can’t even imagine playing this game for a small amounts of free time, this way you probably won’t see anything decent at all.

I think the hardcore part of the player base is what keeping the game alive and helps newcomers to get into higher difficulties, you should retain them. And the all the popular discords in my language are dead most of the time since these players only going into the game on an new content drops.

Please fix the progression flow. Why armory gets me 302 rated weapons? It makes no sense all of my items are of a way higher quality. The random generation part of the game needs tweaking.


yea, everyone’s aware, the subject’s been beaten to death

that being said you can get by on most weapons being a mix of solid t3/t4 blessings or even t3/t3 and 20/25% mix on the perks.

I know but I think we still need to point it out.

That’s not the point. You are right, you can grind them but you cannot even predict how long it will take to farm one specific weapon, it’s not like irl when you can plan things. That’s what I am talking about, no subjective progression feel.


you are NOT newcomer after 500 hour… so what you described is actually an average experience… :3


I meant in a sense that I am only playing from the Xbox release, no experience prior the patch 13, so while I have 500 hours I am still considering myself as a newcomer if that makes sense.

People say class overhaul was quite serious to the point of changing the game itself in some ways.


Only way to continuously enjoy Darktide is to touch crafting system (as whole with buying dozens 310 items to get one 360+) as little as possible. Got item sets that “meh… but will do” and then forget that crafting exists in this game.
P.S. playtime 1020 hours and over 1500 missions.


I have two revolvers, one headshots gunner in one shot, second one cuts 1398 HP from his 1400 pool. They mostly on par with stats btw. This is a pretty big difference for a vet. If it ain’t these problems I would probably end up with mediocre items.

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Then you are not yet at “meh… but will do” point :slight_smile: A few more weeks of suffering and 50-100k more plasteel and you will be there (just for that revolver).

it needs to be gone entirely and replayed by a good crafting system you can grind materials for to craft what you want and need and not rngesus maybe decides to gift you with.


That would be great. I believe that a good game design should provide two ways of progressing: trading your time or being high skilled.

Darktide uses none of that and goes with gambling mechanics instead. This is looking the game and they will probably lose me tbh. I’m too old for this kark.


Thing is Fatshark completely ignoring any feedback on crafting. So it’s rather pointless to ask them to change anything about it (many have tried - all pleas have fallen on deaf ears). So only way to deal with it - i described already…


we hear u and feel ur pain man. feels fkin bad. progression is nada

merry xmas and happy new year my guy


You too man, happy new year! ***

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ive played 500+ hours at launch and then crafting overhaul announcement drove me away. The new System and Patch 13 i only learned when i came back for 2 new Maps in December.
I’m looking for better equip and also crafted something, but i wont put much effort into this or it will make me stay and have the effect FS maybe wants to have.
As a player retention mechanic or system it doesnt work for me.

But it seems i have fun from time to time and slay some heretics.

yes, the reward system got slightly improved with auric missions, but only in numbers and not in quality

the emperor’s gifts at the end of the match are all worthless, they are just a +8000 ordo dockets in my point of view

and yes, you have a good point there, for completing auric missions you should get at least 340+ base item power items


It does make sense, but the reality is - nothing changed in Patch 13 in terms of progression. So, what you described was also my experience and everyone else who dug into the game.

I know precisely what you’re describing. My burnout with the game happened around 500h. It took some good pals and playing only premades to run that number up to 800h. At that stage I had some more gear and missed only a few T4 blessings.

The challenge was gone long-since by then and the only joy the game offered was running increasingly dumb and memey builds with the pals, to see if we can still pull it off… Which is where the crafting drove the final nail in the coffin, as you describe above.

Good on you to describe your experience with the game! I advise something similar to:

…and find some good pals!


Hello, it’s always nice to see people like the game after patch 13.
But yes, you are right about progression, everybody kinda understands that this is a problem, and only solution is not to think about crafting or optimizing(a little bit here a smol wittle bit) at all.

I just focus on playing the game and advancing my skill, and I play only 2 classes out of 4(played other ones till level 30 and dropped them), and I think that skill is the main focus of tide games, you will pretty much go insane if you’ll try to achive perfection with stats, so ye.

In conclusion, there should be more to the endgame


one would think, that after 500 hours you would be granted the best equipment you could find but nope not in darktide, they need to release veteran items asap - I only want 1 of each mark, not 50, in my inventory - one day my inventory alone is gonna crash their backend lol


A deterministic progression system would be significantly better yes.

I also think the most efficient difficulty to farm on should be separated from the hardest content.

They said they aren’t don’t with crafting, and can’t say much more than that on it, so who knows.

Happy Festivus. Let us air out grievances with RNG.

Also, welcome #480.


You mean they aren’t done with it? Sounds promising.

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