New Week, can we get a state of the game or something?

The content update was pretty disastrous. The game has myriad issues packed on top of a solid gameplay loop. Can we hear from the studio in some way that isn’t “we hear you and we’re working on it”?

Just some admittances that this isn’t how things were supposed to go. That you’re eliminating some of these predatory practices and actually want people to enjoy the game? Something? Anything really?


Agreed, they need to spend some of that money and invest in an actual community management team, not whatever this joke is they have right now.


Next week is annual xmas leave for many companies.
I’d expect nothing before second half of Jan.

Their design intent is to make the highest grade weapons rare. Out of a belief that this will make the attainment of such weapons that much more fun. The fact that this deprives the majority of players the ability to experiment and use whatever builds they want as they were able to in the Vermintides is something they evidently don’t care about. It’s something they will continue to not care about until something forces them to care about it.

Kind of like in Vermintide 2. Where falling player numbers forced them to care about the fact that players wanted cosmetics and the ability to craft the reds they wanted.


No I’d be happy with some changes.

You okay chief?

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Someone forgot their meds today. :man_shrugging:t2:


I actually am Autistic, however defending garbage game company practices that make the overall experience of a game horrible for everyone is just peak corpoknight.


I feel that cope.

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The effects on that psyker staff are attrocious.

Plague Ogryn being smaller is good.

You can still get thrown into the enemy spawn locations.

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I love when people have no clues about cause and effect :laughing:
And most of the time they are the ones defending incomplete games.

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State of the Game : Dumpster Fire…

I think at this point maybe Nvidia should think about Legal Actions about the Marketing Collaboration they did with Fatshark, the Game advertises as a Great Experience and not as a Chrashfest where you spend more time Starting the Game again and again after a Crash and watching the Splash Screens than actually Playing the Game with Nvidia Products.

Just sue the [censored] out of Fatshark, and make sure they NEVER EVER are able to develop Games for Good.

Yeah…you people aren’t unhinged at all. Nope, totally rational community here…

I’m just waiting for a patch to increase mouse slider options. :frowning: It’s too slow for trackball users at 2.

i just want them to merge gamepass with steam the gamepass version is a ghost town


Nope, we are just Pissed off about the State of the Game and thats the way it is.

If i’d deliver my work in Real Life in the State the Game shipped, i’d be fired.


If they’re like most companies, they won’t even be in office next week.

State of the game?
I think the devs are going to cool off during winter holidays.
An undeserved rest imho, cause darktide is in a horrible state.