New UI only for controller users?

Randomly used a controller in PC vermintide 2 and saw all the new UI for missions that and menu that isn’t accessible on keyboard, that I’ve found. Labeled differently in the controls/ keybinds one as open menu and the other inventory hotkey. Really like the Controller UI and am hoping this is a bug or keyboard and mouse users will have it too. Or that I just haven’t found the way to access it properly. Any information would be great. thanks.

No, you can activate the Controller UI for menu’s and normal playing permanently in the settings. Both can be checked separately. Just look around if you find the Checkbox. If not I can make you a screenshot. But you don’t need to use a controller to enjoy the new UI.

Thanks a ton, didn’t look at all the settings.

{If anyone wants to use the new and improved UI and was confused like me, its under interface labeled Controller menu layout}

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