Console weapon Inpect in mission Setting

 To preface: I am aware that the ability to inspect weapons on controller in mission was removed due to player feedback of panicked moments and accidental stick clicking resulting in unintentional deaths.

  However: I believe that this is an amazing feature and just makes every mission overall more fun and interactive. I used to play Killing floor 2 all the time and having the ability to "fidget" with my guns and weapons made the game way more engaging and immersive for me personally. Additionally you see videos of youtubers such as ChocoB (what a legend) doing absolutely crazy challenges and twirling his brace of pistols and hammers and whatever else they're using to show off and look cool it just leaves a bad taste on controller seeing as I can't do the same and I just have to walk through each mission with my weapon in an idle default stance the entire time. 

 My proposal: This is probably going to be swept under the rug, closed, taken down or ignored but in the slim chance someone at Fatshark actually sees this, I was thinking of an options menu setting as simple as "Inspect weapons in mission on controller, on/off" and by default have it off so no more complaints but the players who want this feature can have it like myself and many others. Here's hoping for my #1 wish in vermintide 2.

                                                          Cheers: Rhyne
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fair enough, but whats with this horrible formating

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Agree! Didn’t know it used to be working and got removed :open_mouth:

sent this one on the other day and at least got an acknowledged tag. let’s hope!

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