PC: Controller configs in steam not showind


I don’t know if this is a Vermintide or Steam or me issue, but maybe someone can find out about it:

I can’t see any controller configurations anymore in steam for Vermintide 2(not sure about other games) . Not even any community uploaded ones: it says none have been uploaded yet, which is 100% not true.

Also all my personal config files do not show up albeit still being found in my steam files here:

Can other controller players on PC confirm the same problems? (connect controller, right click on Vermintide 2 in the steam library → manage → controller configurations → browse configurations → Personal/Community ->both empty?

EDIT: I seem to have found the cause of the issue: I am and have been using the temporary launcher workaround beta of vermintide 2. Up until now, the controller configs were shared between that version and the normal Vermintide 2 version. Apparently now, they are separately handled by steam/fatshark? Once I switch off the beta, I see all community uploaded and my own configs again. I now have two folders at my controller configs location: 552500 (the normal Vermintide 2 program, with all my old saved files) and 552500-temporary_launcher_workaround (for the beta launcher).

SOLUTION: Thus, I just copied my files into the new folder and can now continues using the beta launcher.

Maybe fatshark wants to know about this or it was done on their end - in that case, some head-ups would be nice.

Thank you for letting us know, it’s much appreciated!

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