New Types of Books

Okay so you got your tomes and you’ve got your grimoires.

What about other types of books that can similarly go in the book slots. But these books give you buffs. Maybe individual buffs but possibly more in giving area buffs to the person carrying the book. Maybe a specific spell within the WH universe. Trip spell to trip enemies
Regen to give temp HP to anyone near. Extra damage to all in party. Just something new. Maybe levititae items to throw at people.

I think that this would be a fun idea, but these topics are sorta covered by the potions. Not slinging books at rat-heads, but the aura speed buff (trait for AoE potions plus a speed potion), the all-in-one concoction, etc.

I 100% agree that something new would be exciting and fun, but I don’t think that should take place in the form of the books. The books are meant to make the game inherently harder; carrying a tome means no healing equipment for you. Carrying a Grimiore means no potion for you; hence that the Grimiore disables your ability to use your AoE potion or to carry a backup strength potion for the Dual-Swords Elf in case of patrol. I’d rather the books remain a trial as opposed to a boon, personally.

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