New Sub-Careers idea (poll)

The idea is that for some Careers that are already similar to other Warhammer units, they could instead use the existing Career to add a ‘Sub-Career’. Either making the Weapons which have special stats, which change the way the Careers work, or by being mechanically fitting enough to make the Career feel different.

  • Handmaiden could get a Sister of Avelorn setup
  • Shade could get a Har Ganeth Executioner setup
  • Ranger Veteran could get an Engineer setup
  • Ironbreaker could get a Hammerer setup (hammerer’s hammer lol)

Careers without similar units could get some artistic license skin and unique Weapons instead.


Handmaiden (Sister of Avelorn):

  • Weapon: Avelorn Bow (HM & WS only?)
  • Weapon: Avelorn Spear (usable by all Careers)
  • Skin: Sister of Avelorn
  • Okri’s Challenges
  • Voice lines maybe?

Difference to Career:
Stat changes can bounce off of Talents or be inherent to the Items/Item sets.

Talent change:
The bow could have a long cooldown between shots, but deal a massive long range AoE burst, and have the special equipment Trait of ‘Quiver of Plenty reduces the Cooldown, but no longer increases ammo capacity’, or something similar.

Having an entire Talent set and Passives attached to a Weapon could work in some situations.

Inherent changes:
The Weapon itself can be made slow or less mobile, or basically try to counter or amplifiy some of the Careers already existing stats, to give the Career a different feel when playing with it.

Changes to Ult or Passives?
Probably not likely, but it could be done to make it a little more thematic.

DLC or freeLC?
This completely depends on how much effort or change goes into it. As people will likely buy parts of it seperately too.

It also depends on how easy or hard their chosen method is. If they end up adding Skins and Weapon Skins, then it may be easier than adding actual Weapons.

Arguments for:

  • Fatshark can only make so many new Careers. They should be unique and different to already existing ones. This gives us a chance to see units that won’t get added as a whole Career in the game, as Sub-Careers
  • New Skins, challenges, Weapons
  • Keeps old Careers fresh, maybe offering chances for updates to them too

Arguments against:

  • Possible power creep
  • MORE DLC?!?!?!
  • Prefer them to be working on a different part of the game, e.g. maps
  • It seems like it could be low effort for the money

Poll 1

Do you like this idea?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on quality/price

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Poll 2 (pick 2)

Would you prefer other content?
  • Maps
  • Bug fixes
  • New enemies/updates to old
  • Deed/Crafting overhaul
  • Sub-Careers
  • Other

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Poll 3

Would you prefer Weapons and Skins without any other changes?
  • Yes
  • No

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People seem to want more maps and gameplay changes in terms of enemies and game modes above Skins and Weapons. They also want bug fixes and overhauls to old systems.

Don’t worry though, the mail-in votes haven’t been counted yet.


I don’t think they need/could/have to be sub-class/career, but they can specialist weapon, like the Bretonnian sword. Ie:

  • Sister of Avelorn= Bow of Avelorn: Bow with a twist, maybe Dragonshard arrow (Explode upon hit)
  • Har Ganeth Executioner= Har Ganeth Sword: Less stab attack and more slashes
  • Engineer is greatly different to a Ranger and should be reserved for a potential DLC Career
  • Hammerer= Great Hammer (Maybe Peak Gate Hammer since Bardin is from Karak Norn): Bigger, heavier than current 2h Hammer of Bardin

Game has 16 careers (with 4 more coming in the future), dozens of weapons and many different loadouts and builds and team compositions you can have. Vermintide is overflowing with variety in this regard and it’d be redundant and unnecessary to add more. I like the current classes as they are and I’m fine with Ranger sticking to being Ranger, or Slayer being a Slayer. I would definitely prefer updates elsewhere.

Now this could fit as a premium skin idea though. A hammerer skin for Ironbreaker with Gromril scale and a flat-top helmet, Ranger with an engineer skin, Foot Knight with a Reiksguard knight skin + armet and so on.


I’d spend far more cash on weapon skins. Blade of Leaping Gold, Sigil Sword, Hag Graef Cursed Blade, Gromril hammer, More Varied Runic Axes and so on. I see the weapons all the time and would love more weapon skins.


I have a diametrically opposite position.
Skins are a complete waste of dev time from the gameplay point. They add 0 to the game/immersion/whatever.
The only thing it might be good for is making money. People seem to like to give money for worthless trinkets, people are weird…


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