New patch makes the game worse

They just put the new patch and they solve problems but they make the game worse, you barely advance a few meters and already the game has spamming specials everywhere, a horde and in those hordes there are three assassins, a machine gunner and a packmaster, even it makes monks berserkers don’t stop coming out, most commonly monks. We kill the specials and just a few steps and there appear not one, not two, if not up to three lifeleech or blighstormer wizards, even the latter appear on the other side of a wall that is in no way or in the middle of solid stages (They are cars, stones or part of the stage that is seen to have holes but the projectiles will not pass because it is inaccessible just to observe)
With the berserkers it is difficult to identify when there are hordes of chaos in front, as they all shout sometimes you cannot tell where they come from or they are in the middle of the horde and you find out when they have already taken you down, something to differentiate them better or I don’t know.
and continue the problems of enemies appearing in the middle of nowhere or appearing behind already passing the area where it appeared

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Had the same experience trying out the new patch.

Was thinking: Did FS make the game harder just because they made the bots better? (“better” remains to be seen, still observing)

Again: People really need to start recording their gameplay because “a lot spawned and I don’t like it” is a pretty vague complaint and has been possible since forever by pure random chance.
What difficulty(Cata?) and maps were you on? Do the numbers on the scoreboard actually reflect your experience? I’ve personally felt like the game spawned specials like crazy and in the end it was on the lower end for the difficulty.

Specials and elites can vary by over 2x on similar length runs, and in some runs you get barely any elites while others send them in almost every wave. If you get a bunch of harder runs in a row you’ll think something made the game harder and it occupies your mind because you’re livid about losing, while ignoring the next runs that have spawn numbers befitting a lower difficulty tier. Usually it all evens out on average.

There’s an argument to be made that the possible variance of the AI director is too wide across a difficulty, sure. But I played several hours of Legend (with bots) and Cata (with players) yesterday and didn’t notice any real difference since the patch. Outside of specific level events, it takes way longer than this to make any real observations about spawn difficulty changes.


Specials spawn seemed a little higher than usual, but what I have noticed is that getting hit through block, enemies insta-tracking you after your dodge and instant running attacks have become VERY noticable.

They did alot of things to console too and it’s completely scuffed. 3 of remaining 5 friends Uninstalled after the engineer patch.

Idk how it could be worse, but on console, its almost unplayable on legend.

The system can’t deal with the increased specials and the issues with bots beyond frustrating.

If the game was reverted to grail knight, i don’t think anyone would conplain

You mean playtest it FOR them?

This is supposed to be a finished product we PAY for.


Well that’s certainly a valid complaint
Console just got the 2+ month old version of the game that introduced issues which the recent PC patch attempted to fix

There’s nothing to playtest, they must’ve been fully aware of what they’re delivering to console here

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I just have no idea why they would deliver this update knowing its issues.

I legitimately went from being able to full book run with bots on legend about 70% of the time to being lucky to make it halfway through the level.

The amount of collision bugs, ai bot issues ( not too many players on console so there are always bots ), the increased specials to snipe ( harder on console ), and random crashes has me FURIOUS.

I don’t blame my friends at all, its a joke and unbelievable that they would launch this AFTER they launched it on PC

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I can confirm that in my experience one day after the patch - indeed, there are more specials, more elites and more hordes on Champ and Legend.

What made me especially sad was that Skittergate’s final boss became almost invulnerable on Legend. A week ago I defeated him without any problems, today it crush me and my bots, and did not lose even 1/3 health!

Game is definitely harder after the latest patches, i used to be able to complete like 30% of the matches on cataclysm with one friend and two bots but now we can hardly survive the hordes because there are many more maullers and berserkers/monks spawning with them, and a lot more specials too.
And the audio clues are again broken.

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