1.0.7 patch VS patch

All I am going to say is nothing but the truth…

This morning I logged onto V2 and saw the 1.0.7 patch. This was roughly 10am cst. 3 friends and I decided to try the changes to legend. We played 9 games and won 7 and the other 2 losses were due to our mistakes. The games were quick play with the same person hosting. Not once did we get double spawns of specials IE double hook rats and runners or gas rats spawning out of the blue or in the same spot. The challenge was spot on.

Patch rolled out, we all stopped and DLed the patch and started back up with the EXACT same formation. We played 7 games and won 1. We got continuous hordes with double spawns and spawns with no cues. We got patrols now that will agro the group if you do any dmg to another mob near them. In fact 1 game we got hordes the whole time without 1 break the whole game.

The only thing that was the same between the patches was the gas rats not throwing their globes as soon as they spawned. They just threw double 4 seconds after spawning.

The complete difference between the play throughs were so pronounced it boggled all 4 of us to come up with a clue as to why they were so radically different other than the AI directors coding is a big giant FUBAR mess.

The about written is the truth without any hyperbole or exaggerations. I would personally like some kind of explanation from fatshark how this is possible.


This is what happened to me with the 1.0.6 patch. I haven’t been able to play since this patch hit but this is exactly what I was worried about.

I had no chance to play 1.0.7 but did play for several games on legend. The specials were spawning nonstop, with a lot of double-spawns of th ed same special in the same spot.
Hordes had uneven intervals - sometimes one right after another and sometimes 5 minutes with no hordes at all.
Something with the spawns felt very off


That really blows. That said, I’ve had the exact opposite experience. Jumped on to 1.7 about an hour after it dropped and lost 5 games in a row to double specials and contenuous hords. After 1.7.1 I won 4 in a row with only a few bumps. I just think the Director is still a mess.

Iunno it seems weird that people are either consistently winning then consistently losing or vice versa. If it was just director RNG, we’d be winning a few then getting wrect a few, but we’re all experiencing basically the exact same thing.

What did they actually change in 1.7.1? Not seeing the changes from it compared to 1.7.0, unless I’m blind.

Yeah they aren’t listed on the forum, I could only find them by clicking “news” on steam. All that is listed is a fix for the gate keeper boss fight on the skitter gate. Apparently the fight was giving people a lot of crashes.

It almost feels like some people have a version mismatch sometimes, if you consider the stark differences between person A and person B’s matches, really odd.

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My personal opinion: the massive variance in gameplay (horde density, special spawns, etc.) that people see is all down to worker threads. If you’re going to be testing stuff like this, make sure the same person is always hosting and that their worker threads setting (in the launcher) hasn’t been changed.

Is worker threads setting prone to changing after patches?

Patches may indeed change your settings, without any reasonable pattern to it.

That said, I personally played several matches both before and after the hotfix, with one person and 2 randoms, and the games where about the same.
Overall, a reduction in difficulty level in legend, or so it felt, probably due to the special spawns; And I did not feel any difference after the hotfix. It’s good. Maybe you’re just really unlucky?

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Nah the odds against everything so specific being RNG related for even just one person are astronomical, and there seems to be a noteworthy number of us experiencing the same thing, with the change always happening after a patch. After 1.0.6 I consistently get over 100 specials per run and 2-3k total team kills.

No, they’re not. They’re not even close to astronomical. You need to run 20-30 games to form a picture, and even then there is a small chance that u’re lucky/unlucky.

I’m sure I’ve run far more than that. Was doing as many runs as possible and playing like 10hrs/day after 1.0.6 hit until finally getting sick of it. I’m assuming others aren’t just coming to complain about a singular occurrence of a small sample size either.

Firstly, surely the do, secondly, I mean the current patch. Of course you have a good understanding of a previous one - I never doubted that.

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Oh sorry, misinterpreted you. My fault entirely. You’re right.

Same here. Legend feels very easy now

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I think the big discrepancies come from missions with pre-scripted events. I notice much longer periods of time on those maps with no special spawns. If only someone could collect the average spawns per map. Other than that, the nerf to difficulty is consistently noticeable.

I think that can not be done without info-gathering mods.

That’s possibly a factor, especially given that the probability of getting the same 2-3 levels on a given day seems to always be way higher than for the rest.