New mutator mod should coming with 2 extra random deed modifier

I played new mutator mod 3 times and felt it’s difficult is under normal twitch mode or just 1 modifier deed

Me and my friends felt it is too easy and boring so we came back to deed + twitch mode

And we found that twitch mode causes 70~80% crash on shadow of bridge which is really annoying

Yes fix will be coming but i think mutator should be something real challenge

Let us play mutator mod with deed or each 2~3min granted us random modifier stacked to 3~5 at one time


Have you filled out the feedback survey that FS posted? When I completed it, it asked about what sorts of mutators you want to see. If you’ve got a moment, I’m sure they’d appreciate the feedback, & it couldn’t hurt to put your opinion into the lot. The survey link is available on the following steam forum link.

I will do after finishing my work

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