New 'Misty' condition type is a winner! ⚡

I love ‘Silent Hill mode’, please keep this in the game.

And can you start to mix it into the random mission conditions, sometimes I’m in the mood for the power out (or this style) and I have to wait for it to be global.

I also quite liked the Pox Hound packs, scary but fun to master!

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Its old one, but yeah didnt seen it from a long time.

It would be better if the enemy would not shoot outside the player’s observation distance.
You can’t see the enemy, but it can see you, which is unreasonable.
The in-game tip for this situation is to hold on to melee weapons, but if you rely only on melee weapons, you’re sure to fail.

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THIS! The Enemy should not have more vision as the players. And yet they Aimbot trough the Fog.

Wait is fog a real condition? I remember getting it a couple of times during the beta and assumed it was just a bugged lights out mission lmao

At lights out you still see the glowing eyes and ammo packs. At fog you only see their fire melting you from the distance.

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Also in lights out you can bring a torch ( if you are not an ogryn ). I genuinely dislike this modifier and always choose to avoid it if possible.
If enemies would have the same vision restrictions like you and would really put more focus to the melee aspect of the game it would be my favourite.

Power out with Release the hounds + hounds should have no audio warning when spawn. Now that would be fun :slight_smile: