New Hero Idea - Grim Reaper

Just imagine the haking and slashing with the Scythe

Yeah, a Death Mage or a Priest of Morr could be a cool character. :slight_smile:



More likely to be new enemy especially if Undead are ever added.


I suppose you’re referring to Cairn Wraiths. These units would likely be elites and pretty damn hard to kill, considering that they’re incorporeal.

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Didn’t see the u5 especially salty and krubs team up with one of those guys…


According to the rules of proper RP I would have to teamkill such an abomination immediately.


An undead unit as a hero is completely impossible. A scythe as weapon could work though. Unchained with a fire scythe sounds pretty epic, to be honest.


Didn’t knew about them bruh, looks cool asf!

Yea that could work too, Cairn Wraths

You mean Necromancer or a War Priest?

I guess that you are not very familar with the Warhammer lore. I mean these guys.

“Death Mage” was the wrong term but I thought I remembered they were unofficially known as that.

And naturally a priest of Morr as an alternative.

Could also throw in a career as a templar to one of Morr’s knightly orders for the Priest of Morr together with some other cool stuff.

Having an undead enemy faction would naturally really help with their sthick.

EDITED: I believe that one of the artworks we can put up in our keep includes priests of Morr in some kind of procession.


Doubtful…they still have Versus mode to finish, and we will have to see if there is any progression in that mode as well (although I doubt there will be, it would be nice to have equipment for specials to mix things up slightly as opposed to a cut and dry L4D base stat versus mode - It would be harder to balance but would have a lot more depth if we could get items and different bonuses to specials, depending on your equipment you could make your Skaven special respawns more effective and respawn faster, or gear towards chaos specials, as well as focus on killing a specific hero (stacking + Wutelgi Damage items)

As for new heroes while I highly doubt any will ever be added (as then it would no longer be the U5… or 4 it doesn’t matter) I think much more appropriate would be a Female Bretonnian that can be an Archer - Knight - Damsel (caster). Or a Skink that can be: Red crested Skink (melee), Priest (caster), Blowdart Skink (ranged)

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Only bretonnian peasants can be archers. Bretonnian knights aren’t allowed to even touch a bow. You can’t have it both ways.

No skinks, ever. The U5 would sooner kill it than let it group up with them.