New font is terrible

The new font in the game is just plain bad. It’s too bold, filled jagged artifacts all over, is less-readable than in 2.0.12, and overall just looks worse in every aspect.


The font was fine before. It did not need to be changed. I don’t usually say things like this, but the new font is just bad. I don’t really have anything to add to what you had to say, because it doesn’t get more simple than that.



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I think i saw somewhere that it´s caused by a new system of theirs that´s meant to help with the coding or something to that effect.

The current look and whatnot are temporary whilst they work things out that they needed this new stuff for…i think it was.

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Change for change is something where FS has a black belt. It does not improve anything, it does not bring anything new but it is a change. Project management in this company is simply laughable.


I’m not sure if you just missed it or if you think it’s BS, but here, I’ll link it anyway.

It’s also annoying that while typing that blinking line is too far on the right, which makes it look like you just typed a space.

I think it fits as well as Diablo font would to the Pokemon theme :rofl:

I just don’t get it, how can some graphics department not see this kind of blunder.


I don’t mind the font itself, but this is indeed fairly annoying.

yea, yea… in fact there are no other problems with the game, just simply start making changes in rendering text system. What an improvement! That solve all game problems!
As you can see in this topic, everybody was waiting for it and are happy that it finally appeared :joy:.

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Of course it doesn’t. Did you even read the post?

It’s like I am dreaming or something. Between the update and hearing about one new career before 2021, this whole thing seems so bizarre. I’m not sure what they’re doing.

I do not know too. But I know something other - the only one good thing that comes out of FS is disappointment :smiley:

@EnragedFountain I hope you know what irony means.

The font itself is fine IMO, but there are two technical issues with it:

  1. The new font doesn’t support many special characters that the previous font supported, including all Cyrillic characters.
  2. The new font looks bad when UI scaling is enabled – some pixels appear to be larger than others.

Yea “fine” like…

"Hey honey, how are you today ? " … “I’m fine!”

I agree :sweat_smile:

I have scaling at default, and that’s where all my complaints come from. It’s a horrendous, artifact/jagged-edged filled, overly bolded, extra-spaced out, less-readable mess.

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Perhaps it’s due to a non-standard screen resolution rather than UI scaling? Mine is 2560 x 1440. Some people report that the font looks fine to them and is easier to read than before, so the “jagged edges” issue is probably not universal.

What is more standard than FHD?

font is fine. there are other more pressing issues at hand.

23", 1980 X 1080, which is likely more common than 1440. Looks like crap.

And font actually is a surprisingly big issue, because the font is legit why mods are broken right now.

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