Modifying Character Cosmetics

Just a small bit of feedback here. It would be wonderful to be able to modify your characters cosmetic traits, like appearance, voice, and origin, after creation, even if this had some sort of coin cost. I’m sure I’m not alone in regretting my choice of voice, or wanting to correct some mistakes that I didn’t originally notice.

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Fully Agree, the main problem for me is that the personality brief sounded good, but in game lines made me hate hearing my character talk, there should be a way to change it as I am seriously considering deleting the character and grinding 20 levels again

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Yeah 100% the same issue. The lines in game and the brief didn’t match up at all. Seeing a selection of example lines in creation might be useful too.

Agreed, although there is a surgical/medical looking area of the HUB that’s probably going to be for just that.

Chances are it’ll be in the full release (fingers crossed).

(edit: added screenshot)

We won’t have Vermintide bonuses until the official release, I would like to just edit my character and change my character’s face and hairs once they are available.

Also I hope this will be free, and not a paid service like Monster Hunter: World did.

Gonna post here again because… nice, you can modify appearance now! BUT you cannot modify voice, which was honestly the biggest problem for me. Please let us change this at the barber chirurgeon. Or anywhere!