Loot flavour text needs a pass

I’ve seen this mentioned on the Steam forums, so I don’t know how aware you are of it, but I’m adding my two to the pot.

The flavour text on loot is OK to absolutely terrible and needs a fix. In this game, there are only a few items. You create more with skins, and the skins change the flavour text. In some mismanaged attempt to ape the kind of loot tiering that has become a trope in the RPG genre however, you have tiered the flavour text in ways that just harms some of your production.

VT2 looks great. Yet in the flavour text of the most basic weapon types, those without a skin, the writing will actively insult the art. This makes no sense. Not only is this bad but it’s worse in a game with so few items compared to the games that you’re taking influences for this from. In those games, usually the items which are presented to the user as lacking, share assets with better ones and have stat differences separating them. They exist only to give the other items purpose, and there are lots of those better items. That’s not how your loot works.

Not only do you do this with skinless items, but you insult some skins as well. Get rid of this.

Make a statement about the qualities of this type of weapon and the race who built it on the base weapons. Show the character of the peoples and the equipment.

With skins, tell a story.

The basic dagger (The Tilean Paperweight) is still referred to as a mace. That’s probably the most egregious one.

I don’t think, that devs should spend their time on that, considering how much other work they have to do.

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