New DLC for Total War Warhammer: 2 references Vermintide!

The DLC includes 4 unique hero characters, and in the Steam store page they are arranged not unlike out beloved cast.

I thought it was a fun nod to Vermintide. The DLC itself looks cool and I can’t wait to play it.


Oh, that’s freaking rad!

Side note: if you use the Steel Faith mod for TWWH2 there’s a random event that can occur after the “People go Missing” event. A Vermintide can start and they’ll just wreck one of your cities. Depending on the faction you’re playing and where you are on the map, a follow-up event will occur where the Ubersreik 5 pop up and cull the negative effects for the last 5 turns or so, just before the event ends.

Super fun when the Uber-Doober 5 are covering my back while I’m holding off Archaon as Karl Franz.


Can’t wait!

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"What new mechanics will Markus Wulfhart bring to The Hunter & The Beast?

Markus Wulfhart will bring with him the following brand-new mechanics:


Scattered throughout Lustria are four of the finest Hunters that ever lived. Wulfhart may attempt to track them down and acquire their services to aid in the expedition’s success, and subsequently developing each Hunter’s unique attributes and learning the tales of their past deeds.

  • Jorek Grimm is a brilliant Master Engineer. Shunned for his eccentric ideas, he has struck out alone to seek his fortune in Lustria…

  • Rodrik L’Anguille was once a renowned Paladin. Disgraced and exiled however, he is haunted by a past he cannot escape…

  • Hertwig Van Hal, a skilled physician and Witch Hunter, has travelled far from home on his quest for ultimate vengeance…

  • Kalara of Wydrioth, the eminent Waystalker, has traded the forests of Athel Loren for the jungles of Lustria in pursuit of redemption…

Do the hunters sound a little familiar?

It’s time to live the dream. Just need that Wood Elf revamp.

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Yes we are only missing a Bright Wizard, since Kruber can more or less be compared to Markus Wulfhart anyways. The Bretonnian Paladin is the odd one out. I’m really looking forward to this dlc, even if the new units are powercreep. The Emporer’s Mandate mechanic in particular sounds very interesting.