New Content Suggestions

I really love your game by the way. I would really love to see more content, examples Defense Missions , Survival Missions , weekly raids that give out rare loot with great stats or raid exclusive perks . Would love to see more playable characters, examples A) Water element character to counter flamers and bombers abilities, B) Specialist character who can drop down auto turrets , mines , traps , flame thrower auto turret, Freeze auto turrets. C) Medic character who revives quickly , ablities heal and shield the team . Also buffs the teams damage . D) Iceman type character, who can freeze the enemies, shatter them , put up an ice shield that we can shoot out of but the enemies cant shoot through. Also any enemies who enter the ice shield will be slowed down . I know its probably not gonna happened but i really like the game and would love to see these things in it. If not thanks anyways AUSTIN PRIME

There was a suggestion in another thread to give smoke grenades the ability to extinguish flames, which would make it a viable choice, right now it’s pretty rare to come across a veteran with smoke grenades, for a reason.

Mines and traps sounds interesting to be honest, could make up for an interesting blitz in contrast to the throwable options. Can’t comment on turrets.

While there are plenty of talents that restores toughness for others, but not health, I think that’s okay. It just hadn’t crossed my mind, coming from someone who likes to take supportive roles.

Afflicting movement speed debuff on enemies is also interesting, would’ve added that as an alternative branch for the psyker’s shield bubble talent, giving you the choice of either toughness regeneration for everyone or debuffing enemies that enters the bubble.

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