Ideas for changing/buffing shields

How about adding in a lv 30 talent for tank career shield users that allows us to block specials like assassins and hook rats if we are facing and blocking them when they attack? It would increase the effectiveness of shields at higher difficulties and give tanks… well… more tankyness. Could even have it use a different block cone value than original shield block (so u have to be facing them within say 30 degrees of a block cone to effectively block the special attack). open to thoughts, suggestions :smiley:


not too bad, that would be pretty cool in deed, without being broken, since in legendary mode, hook-rats and assassins usually spawn in troups of 3 or 4 x) and they target different players, so yeah, the shield guy could “counter” the assassin/hook-rat/leech if he blocks in front of him. I like the idea


Shields are pretty good right now how they are, im the CC/Tank in our Group as the IB and i dont go out without my Shield and Hammer simply because if you have “Opportunist” on a Shield you have full control over a Chaos Patrol, Opportunist allows you to hold all/most of them in a Stunlock and to interrupt there Attacks the same goes for the Hammer with his Charged Attack´s but only if right timed.

For the Hook-Rats they could easily bypass your Shield(Pretty tal lads with long Arm´s), for the Assassin´s on the other hand i could see it in the form if you hold your Block/Shield up as he lands on you, you would reduce his Dmg, visual shown that you have your Weapon/Shield between him and you.

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I love IB w/ axe/shield and off balance vs bosses/chaos patrols. just taunt, block, and give everyone on ur team 50% bonus dmg for 10 sec :smiley:

Shields are useless weapons… they should be nice against horde, but their weapons are so lackluster. Yes, higher push angle could be usefull, but you need another player that kill the enemies you are pushing. Also, every shielded weapons (except Bardin’s axe), are so useless against armor… their charged attack often begin with a shield hit, that doesn’t inflict damage.

I can agree, but imho if you see a special you should take your ranged weapon and shoot it… cause you don’t know wich player he will attack… so, imho, shields need other bonus… like more taunt (for example also against bosses), capacity to break shielded SV guard, less stamina used to push (should be easier pushing with a shield)… etc etc.

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How about adding a charge attack element to the shield push? Holding the push key could charge up a push, that could consume 2-4 stamina and knock back target hit (boss included) and taunt them for 2-3 seconds. Could use to break shield vermin block, or stagger big enemies (just like explosive bombs and stuff). Would make shields more CC/taunt viable w/o breaking their damage potential vs other less defensive weapon options :slight_smile:

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