How to improve shields

Letting shield carriers to charge their power attack behind the shield you will make shields an actual viable unit 'course they will be able to hold enemies as well as deal damage to them at the same time. With right traits and talents ppl will be able and have a reason to create a real tanks to help their team exactly as some of them always wanted


Sounds good, an auto passive block would be good, consuming double the usual stamina if hit. Or give shields something like what Ironbreaker has, ignore a hit every 20 seconds


I’d like a change such as this one.
My biggest gripe with shields is that they work too much as an active ability. Unless you actively block, it’s like the shield isn’t even there. More DR or mechanics such the one you suggested are needed.


It’s an interesting idea.
If the passive block consumes stamina on hits, then what if I want to do a heavy attack without blocking when I’m on 0 stamina? What buttons or keys would you have to press to enable the passive block and attack mode?

I like the idear. Shields should have an unique gameplay mechanic.

Shield bash my man. Enemies aren’t swinging at you when they’re lying flat on the ground, and a charged bash (or a push, if you’re fighting trash enemies) will give you just enough time to charge up and release a heavy swing for whatever is in your other hand. The shield is more than just a slab of metal that takes damage for you. It’s a second weapon.

See above. The shield itself can do a lot more than just block damage. It’s also a super strong crowd control tool that can stop the damage from being sent at you (or a teammate) in the first place.

Please no. Shield weapons already bring their block up almost immediately. Where’s the fun in having the game play itself for us?

I’m not really against the idea of a traditional damage-sponge ‘tank’ role, but I do like the shield playstyle quite a lot as it is so I’d hope that doesn’t get messed with too much. You can definitely play tank with them as they are, but it’s less about being the bulwark that stands in the way of the enemy, passively absorbing damage and more about aggressively controlling space. You don’t sit there and plug a choke while the enemy streams into you and your team plinks them with ranged damage, you lead your team on a charge straight into the incoming pack, bashing and pushing and sweeping and staggering so that your team safely murder everything.

Unless you’re using mace/hammer + shield. Those are just bad right now.

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