My suggestion to make shields viable

Ability 01: Superior Guard - Guard is never broken, instead take damage at a reduced rate for each attack blocked when out of stamina.

Ability 02: Counter Attack - For each attack blocked gain increased critical chance. Charge is depleted whenever a critical strike lands on an enemy. Using an attack at full charge allows you to unleash all your charges in one powerful strike.

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Are these, like, traits? Or talents? Or what do you mean by “abilities”?

I do find these abilities to be interesting, but I also think it’s important to know where they would fit into the mix. As our dearest @LordRhinark mentions: are these Traits, Properties, Talents, built-in passives?

While I like the idea of Superior Guard I think that one would need to be a trait due to an inherent Damage Reduction; the reason I’m afraid to stick it elsewhere would be because it would stack with other Damage Reductions as applied by Ironbreaker and Barkskin. Can’t be a property and wouldn’t exactly fix “All Shields” if it were a talent (unless the talent were available to all Kruber/Bardin careers).

Counter attack, or the concept of it, has been implemented in the way of Off Balance. When blocking an enemy, that enemy takes 20% increased damage for the next few seconds. I think it works similarly but doesn’t allow a wind-up. I’d prefer shielded weapons to stay away from ever being considered “boss-killers” so that they have a defined weakness.

Don’t worry, shield players will have elf shield and spear to use soon. Better dodge distance even with shield penalty, and increased stamina regen ontop of spear being able to 2 shot SV. Looks like you’ll all have to jump on the big brain elf main train :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, shields just need the dodge penalty removed, increase dodge count to 3. Problem solved… it’s that easy. You get increased defense in exchange for slightly less dps. Even the best shield weapon doesn’t currently put out the same dps as the average weapon. Remove dodge penalties and you’re on solid ground.


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