New boss that cancel some event

It will be nice to get a boss in the game that spawn instead of a event.

Example: your on convocation and the last area get a new explosion effect when you get in the area and this boss spawn instead of the event.

For empire in flame instead of having barrels to put on the cart, the castle get destroy by the boss spawn.

etc, etc …

By boss, i mean a new lord that invade those already existing maps.

That could be cool and make a new way to get new variant of maps.

(ps: sorry for my english)

That’s a neat idea. Maybe something could come out of it, but I’d personally prefer it to be as part of a weekly/ seasonal event or something.
After all, many challenges are tied to the end of map events, so randomly replacing them with a boss would likely aggrivate a lot of players.

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i think, more events on every maps with boss or lords can be nice.