New boss need to be add on normal content

New boss modificator is really cool and need to be add on normal mode, i have one idea to make it not to hard but still a good way to make it.

Make boss you always encounter get modificator, like the one on against the grain.
Random boss must stay normal.
They gonna be like “lords”.

this can be a fun addition to the game.

(ps: sorry for my english)

We’ve got no imminent plans to add them to Adventure mode. We don’t want to rock the boat too much in terms of difficulty there. Some of the combos really need some Chaos Wastes boons to make them not just turn people to paste. It’s not impossible they will always stay solely in the Wastes but for now at least.


Do you have any plans to look in to how quickly most Monsters and Lords get melted in Adventure mode?


Could we get them in twitch mode? That way we can still play them on adventure maps and it won’t change the balance of standard adventure mode.


This could well be the way we do it if we do. Certainly food for thought


The VAST MAJORITY of us do not want them in twitch. No thank you.

The vast majority of us want them in Twitch yes thank you.


@Fatshark_Hedge you’ve probably already seen it, but I would like to point to this thread regarding monsters:

Just as a reminder monsters aren’t necessarily too easy depending on your party comp, and trying to fix this issue purely through changes to monsters themselves is likely to just cause even more problematic disparity between monster kill times.