Nerf the aimbot or the damage from ranged

Imagine if the enemies didn’t have aimbot and instead missed every once in a while? OR imagine if your shield could deal with 2-3 bursts instead of a single one from a common ranged enemy.
I slide and it works maybe 70% of the time to dodge their shots but the remaining 30% the server decides that i’m going to get hit anyway and interrupts my slide so i stand there and eat a bowl full of bullets.

Also suppression makes us unaccurate as hell, why doesn’t it do the same for the ranged? Suppression also works about 70% of the time. The rest of the time they just continue to look at you and burst your shield down in a second.

Solution to this now: Play Veteran and you’ve got shield for days!


I don’t like suppression as a mechanic at all.

Feels like it barely works for enemies, but it makes my life as a veteran annoying. I know I can mostly bypass it with high stability weapons, but it still feels weird to aim.

I simply don’t like anything about it.


We know from their previous interviews Fatshark know the ranged damage is a problem. They claimed in one of the interviews, that ranged enemies target you less if you are already in trouble, but I don’t see that as a solution, its a band-aid.

Range hit stagger MUST go, then we can also talk about thougness sustain, especially when you are left alone on the map or end up outside the coherency range…

Stuff like this from a single regular shooter enemy is getting really old.

Particularly on events like this where they constantly spam random enemy spawns on all sides over and over and over. It’s very easy to get completely screwed over with zero chance to react. This is even with the zealot passive and the 15% toughness damage reduction feat.

Generally I don’t mind them but the spawn system of the game makes it far more frustrating than it needs to be, along with the wonky audio. (Seriously, where are the footstep sounds for so many things?)

i have never had an issue with suppression ever so I’m interested to know how you are having an issue.

Is there any real reason why enemies got perfect accuracy on their weapons?
I mean, sniper makes sense since it’s a long range high damage specialist but even basic grunts with guns have weapons with no spread and never miss a shot…

It’s not an “issue” it’s an annoyance that doesn’t really bring anything interesting to the table.

The little sway it induces when you just got shot is just like someone poking you on the side for no reason, annoying.

What does it exactly try to achieve? Feels like just a shoehorned mechanic for the shake of having mechanics tied to the ranged gameplay, but it doesn’t add anything to the game.

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Remember when you could dodge ratlings and death rattler by strafing? I have no idea why they didn’t use this logic again for gunners and reapers. This should also apply to the mooks, doing a quick adad should make them miss instead of landing every shot.

Honestly, i’m up for any “fix” right now to the ranged problem. I can deal with the ranged below Heresy but 4-5+ the ranged enemies are just a death sentence.

The fastest fix for fatfart to implement would probably be to change the damage numbers on ranged grunts.

Walking into the start of a level where every enemy is ranged and perfectly spaced out that if you close the gap you can only engage one while everyone else shoots you is so BS. There are a few other places where enemies like to do the same thing and there’s really nothing you can do but sit there for several minutes and fish out every enemy by denying them line of sight and waiting for them to eventually become curious enough to round the corner. It hinders the gameplay and makes the game feel cheesy as it sends disabler after disabler after you while your team does this.

I mean, just trying to ADS when enemies are shooting near you gives your characters the jitters like they’re dealing with a PTSD attack. I would be okay with them bumping around your aim if you got hit, but not when bullets are whizzing by like 5 feet away from you. Pretend our character is a hardened soldier, fatshark!

The shooters also just spawn behind you or in front of you, sometimes a full squad drop. I love entering an empty room, grabbing the mats inside and as I exit I hear ‘Taurox engagement protocol!’ and I’m in the middle of another shooting gallery. Stealthy shotgunners too, they’ll spawn these guys to assassinate you.

You kind of have to pick on what you want to bring to the table with your ranged. Do you want to try and pin down the enemy or kill them accurately at long range, because the scales tend to tip heavily into one direction or the other.

God, please do not listen to these babies complaining. The game is easy enough. It doesn’t need to be easier for the brainless…

There’s a difference between difficulty and frustration.

Frustrating is mechanics like zero baseline toughness regeneration when clutching, enemies with aimbot who can delete your entire toughness bar in one salvo, and the abrupt spawns shooting you in the back.

Difficulty is well designed enemies who take you out through combined force while you need to manage resources and abilities well, with spawns that are threatening without relying on cheap garbage like silent footsteps or spawning 5 feet away around a corner.

I regularly clear damnation and pretty much exclusively play it at this point. That doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have some majorly frustrating things. Learn the difference before you call people babies. Thanks chum.