Suppression is still a terribly annoying mechanic

See title. The fact that my character gets the shakes when bullets are whizzing by (and not even hitting me) is desperately annoying. The most powerful ranged builds have many ways to ignore it entirely and it is hardly ever a difference maker in difficult content, merely a way to bug the player in a way that feels arbitrary and unnatural.

Aim flinch/ aimpunch when HIT while aiming is one thing, but this mechanic is a step for the worse from more common FPS standbys. Some mechanics are best when only applied to enemies and I think suppression should be one of them.


Would be fine if we could actually suppress the enemy properly. Gunners and reapers are virtually un-suppressible by 75% of the ranged weapons.


Nah, supression force non-range classes to act as they should - charge shooters blobs in melee. Without supression there will be gigabrain zealots/ogryns who play melee build yet spend more time shooting.

No, it doesn’t. Most of the time it doesn’t do anything. Anybody who is decent at this game can kill things at range even without suppression immunity. It is purely an annoyance that is completely ignored most of the time by good players. I simply don’t see what it adds to the game that doesn’t just make Darktide a strictly worse FPS than other games.

If it doesn’t do anything where your annoyance comes from then?

That’s it. No need to remove it.

Yeah I’m now confused what this guy’s point is.

We can. Too bad it invariably takes some +suppression perks to do so.
If anything, base suppression (for both us and enemies) should be higher, and extra bonuses obtainable through perks and blessings should be lower.

It is just not a good mechanic as-is and needs a rework. Some weapons are borderline unusable when suppressed no matter how good your aim is because it artificially screws up your aim (as opposed to inducing sway that can be corrected for). Some weapons are entirely unaffected or the sway caused by suppression is actual sway and can be compensated for thus making it effectively unaffected.


trying to hit an enemy in the distance, with a bolter, while being suppressed, is damn-near impossible lol

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That is because the bolter is a garbage weapon. No clue how they managed to make one of the most iconic 40k weapons one of the worst ranged weapons in the game but here we are.

Bolters are also hot garbage on tabletop despite being the iconic weapon.

What? If it doesn’t do anything but annoy people, why is it in the game?

If I’m being suppressed by distant gunners, I move a few feet to the left and shoot them anyways. It is a vestigial mechanic that serves no real gameplay purpose except, as I said, to annoy people in an unnatural way. The fact that it is both ignorable 90% of the time and a PITA 10% of the time means that it is a bad mechanic.

Consider this, the ONLY players that suppression affects at all are as such;

Zealot, Gunpsyker, and Vets that don’t run any form of suppression immunity.

Ogryn and 90% of Vets and Psykers ignore this mechanic entirely. Why is it in the game then? Just to annoy Zealot players trying to shoot gunners 100m away?

It’s not that bad. Without it we would be able to mow down everything and the game would be too easy. It forces you to take cover and plan out your attack strategy.

I take cover to not get shot, not because of the suppression mechanic. You know, actual suppression, the thing players are supposed to be able to do to the enemy (the tutorial teaches this, but it doesn’t work in practice) ranged units not this BS “it makes you less accurate” thing that doesn’t have any effect on the enemy at all.

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I agree with Shining_Darkness, this aim-jiggling isn’t preventing squat and seems to annoy the player more than it annoys the enemy. Again, Vet and Ogryn and Psyker basically completely ignore suppression and can do huge ranged damage, so I’m not sure what your point is. We already CAN mow down everything if we want.

As I said, it’s not impactful, but it is bothersome. Why is it in the game then?

It’s there to punish bad positioning and to ensure people just can’t outrun death everywhere.

You say it’s not impactful, yet the amount of flak this mechanic receives proves it is. People wouldn’t notice if it wasn’t impactful.

Suppression slows you, throws your aim completely off and makes sure you get zerged down, if you are caught with your pants down in the open. And that is alright.

The only real Quality Of Life this feature needs is a limitation: If you are in cover and someone fires around your cover, you should not be suppressed. Waiting behind a corner or pillar and still be suppressed when you try to line up your shot is what’s unintuitive. The suppression mechanic itself is fine.


You spend more time in gunfight in the end. Without supression shooters should have more HP then, but people will cry that enemies are sponges.

We’re talking about different things. I am not inherently against being slowed or having aim disrupted from being actually hit by bullets. I am only talking about the suppression mechanic of having your aim wobble around when bullets are close to you but not hitting you. Especially since gunners can disrupt your aim from a mile away while you are in cover.

You say that people complaining about it proves that it is impactful, which is a dubious metric IMO, but I again remind you that 3 out of 4 classes ignore aim suppression nearly entirely. Psykers frequently use staves and have the bubble shield, ogryn uses brace instead of ADS, and Vet has multiple ways to get suppression immunity. I think that is a much better metric of how impactful this “core mechanic” is.

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I think suppression against players is fine right now, I believe the bigger issue is the amount of gunner spam we have been seeing. If that gets alleviated I think the problem will go away.