Necromancer Sienna career

It is strange and confusing how both you and TmanDW seem to think it was sageoftoast that posted this topic, and not me, since you both have refered to him as op or the one who opened the topic. Not sure how two people could get that idea.


Do tell me why it was uncalled for. I mention that the game can be played in certain ways, and I know this because I do it myself. Then the response I get is that it isn’t possible in legend. To assume others limitations, or the games, based on your own performance is very much putting yourself at the top, on a “high horse”. If you disagree, do elaborate beyond “it doesn’t work”.

I don’t think we will see a Necromancer, at most we will have access to the Lore of Death (Highly different) and the Lore of Fire at the same time.

I think that Sienna’s Premium Career will either be Elementalist (More safe type of magic that was used by the Empire before Teclis made the College of Magic), something coming from an artefact (either of dwarf nature or maybe even Slaan) or due to the aspect of a Dragon (Fire Dragon)


Yeah, sorry - force of habit I guess. My message was for you though, not the P.P.S. - that is for sageoftoast.

Well, if you chose to completely disregard the actual points that people are trying to get across and hang on to the ‘impossible’ part, than the only thing remotely fitting this description in this thread would be this:

And this:

And though it is off-topic, I think I still want to see you accomplish that just because to me it is quite a feat, and I’m curious. However, just because you can do it doesn’t mean everyone else can. That doesn’t even mean that the majority of the players who are the actual end users of the game can.
So I call you out on your ‘git gud’ attitude instead and suggest you get off your high horse. Also nowhere have I seen in any hint of the patronizing attitude you employ in any of the replies made to you. So please, leave the troll stuff to the pros and use it on people who actually care.

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Very well reasoned argument, however I don’t think necromancer will work very well in Vermintide 2, that’s because of the very different combat style that’s involved with summoning minions that would break up the “back-to-back against the hordes” coop-action that has every role in similar situation.

She would be having mana instead of ammo replenishing like stamina and constantly be looking for enemy corpses to raise making her part way with combat as the others fight it.


The bit where Sienna yells “Not a Necromancer!” is enough for me to vote no.


I’ll start by admitting my lack of detailed knowledge about the End Times, and about this whole some-mages-suddenly-can-do-necromancy stuff. Was it specifically necromancy, by the way, or does it more have to do with channeling the Wind of Death Lore, which I know are seperate things? (There’s an imperial college for Wind of Death mages, for example.) And how did the affected mages react? Did they give in to darkness in some way, or were their personalities and morals completely unaffected?

But I never really contested the possibility of Sienna becoming a necromancer. What I contested was Sienna turning necromancer, and the rest just being cool with it. I agree with your assessment that the Ü-Team are remarkably open minded for the Warhammer universe, and that they (even Saltzpyre) have a bond with Sienna which can make them oversee stuff than would normally not be accepted (Unchained), but from everything I do know about Warhammer lore, straight up Necromancy is too big of a leap, especially because of Saltz & Krub’s personal history. To me it’d be as unbelievable for them to be cool with that, just as them being cool with Sienna turning Tzeentch-worshipper would be. Sure, the writers can decide whether or not Sienna would be affected and can suddenly wield necromantic powers while being completely consistent with End Times lore, but I don’t see how they could make that happen and have the Ü5 not falling apart without being inconsistent with the story and characters so far.

As for the mixing up about you with someone else as the OP: I have no idea how that happened, I must have not been paying attention. My bad, apologies.

It doesn’t make sense at all thematically for Sienna or the U5 nor would Fatshark invest the work into making such a career especially when it’s not exactly in popular demand.

That’s pretty much the long and short of it.

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What is in popular demand for Sienna?

good question

I see a lot of people theorizing a new lore of magic for her: generally shadow magic taught by Olesya or Heavens because I guess lightning is cool lol

Problem with that whole approach is that humans literally cannot learn more than one wind of magic.

With the exception of Dark Magic, I suppose, but dhar wizards tend to not live for very long. Nor do they tend to be sane. And they tend to be 100% evil.


yeah Warhammer lore is unfortunately very limiting on humans unless you elect to give into some chaos shenanigans that will more than likely kill you and/or possess you

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Aye. But, been thinking about it some more and, like…
Does it even make sense for Sienna? Regardless of lore limitations, Sienna is addicted to fire magic. Not ‘magic’ in general, she specifically loves everything about conjuring fire. She lives to see the flame dancing, she loves burning things down, she’s addicted to giving in to explosions… Does it ever make sense for her to even be remotely interested in another wind?


I guess shooting lightning at things can light stuff on fire :sweat_smile:


No need to bring in a middleman though.

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Usually the Lore of Metal

Depending on the time, some edition had the possibility of using 2 lore of Magic without any Chaos Corruption (Not more than using one Lore)

Then again they could go the same way CA did with creating a new Lore of Magic that would be encompassed by the Lore of Fire (Maybe Sun or Lava)

“Necromancer Sienna”