My save file on PS4 accidentally resets

Hello. As stated in the title, all my progress is gone. I was in the middle of doing chaos wastes when I put my ps4 to rest. After turning it on and try to continue to the next map, the whole ps4 freezes so I had to hard reset the console. I’ve turned off the network connection on the ps4 because I thought it was the cause of that problem (I’m not a smart person, I’m sorry) as I was playing the game offline from the start.

As the game start, a popup come out saying whether I want to reload or reset my progress. I foolishly thought it was for the progress of the chaos wastes so I choose reset. Then just like that, EVERYTHING is gone. Hours of progress, gone. What have I done and is there anything I can do to retrieve my previous save?

Sorry for my inadequate knowledge of the english language. I’m not a native speaker (or writer in this case)

:frowning: This is a very unfortunate situation, as all ‘Offline’ progress is stored locally to the console (unlike ‘Online’ progress which is stored to our servers). Once that save is deleted, we are sadly unable to recover it.

Truly, I wish we were able to help, but we simply have no access to your data to be able to restore it.

Sincerest apologies MalMal, I appreciate this is a very disappointing outcome.

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Ah I see. That is unfortunate. I guess I have to restart the game again which I don’t really mind it at all cause it’s freaking amazing. Thank you so much for the explaination. I guess I should play online from now on just to be safe.

Thanks again :grinning:

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