My group's Vermintide game in a nutshell

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Love the addition of pigs in game 2 :smiley:


Pigs were also in the first game, but they are just as fun to kill in the 2nd.


Is that a… Storm sorcerer? You know… fat swine. xD

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I removed the pic of the poor piggy. I don’t think he was having a very fun time.

Sorry if I broke some rules with this. Just thought it would be funny.

Go the way Flying Wild Hog went with rabbits in Shadow warrior 1 & 2 - if you kill them you might get a nasty,overpowered enemy spawn out of them. Maybe something like this

kills pig - chaos monster spawns from its remains and mops the dirt with your teams blood


Love the idea of a piggy avenger :smiley:

oh my god I can just imagine something like Heroic deed that doesn’t tell you much in terms of details. Kill a pig on the map. Suddenly boss.

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