My game crashes when i try to switch map in custom game

Hello. I would want to play certain maps to complete Okri’s challenges but every time i click to switch maps in custom game my game crashes and i get this message:

GUID: f811505c-c293-4616-80bf-0ec7ec6fdb9e
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …t_game_view/windows/start_game_window_area_selection.lua:192: attempt to index local ‘settings’ (a nil value)

Current map in my custom game is Garden of Morr and when i click it my game instantly closes. I tried to verify gamefiles through steam but that didn’t help. I’d like to know if this could somehow be fixed cause i have to either do quick play until i get the map i want or wait for someone else to play the map on the difficulty i need.

Sorry about this - we’ve addressed this crash internally and it will be put live with the release of Season 2, very soon.

That is great to hear. I’m looking forward to the fix. :slight_smile:

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